Album Review: Lantern – Dimensions (Dark Descent Records)

Finland’s Lantern have been illuminating death metal’s dark passages since 2007. Fresh off 2019’s “Lost Paragraphs” EP (also on Dark Descent Records), the band returns with their third full-length titled “Dimensions”. Out on July 10th 2020.

Kicking off with a beast of a track, Lantern blaze their own death metal path with Strange Nebula. The wild guitar riffing and uncouth drum attack leading into a wounded roar and only getting wilder and harsher from there.

Beings is a mostly slower paced slab of fury with these short jolts to the system and a constant underlying feeling of violent intents. Whereas Portraits is just a little over 2 minutes of dark melodies and chunky vehemence. A palate cleanser before the blackened assault of Cauldron of Souls erupts like a volcano drowning cities in its molten flow.

From there it’s nothing but destruction and death as Shrine of Revelation batters away. The guitars and drums doing an absolute number on the mind. A standout effort from the death metal stars.

However, when we talk about standouts, the finale of Monolith Abyssal Dimensions has to enter the conversation. A 14+ minute effort that is gargantuan in scope and utterly mesmerising in how it is delivered. You can’t blame anyone for seeing a 14+ minute death metal track and tugging their collar a bit but Lantern make it seem half the length. Smashing through a myriad of hard-hitting heavy noise that comfortably changes tactics throughout.

It is one hell of an effort.

Lantern – Dimensions Full Track Listing:

1. Strange Nebula
2. Beings
3. Portraits
4. Cauldron of Souls
5. Shrine of Revelation
6. Monolith Abyssal Dimensions




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Lantern - Dimensions (Dark Descent Records)
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