Album Review: Korpse – Insufferable Violence (Unique Leader)

Insufferable Violence marks Korpse’s third full-length album, set for release via the indomitable Unique Leader Records on the 26th February 2021.

Comments Korpose:

We are very proud to present to you our third album called Insufferable Violence. The title is an obvious metaphor for what to expect from the new tracks; relentless brutal death metal in our signature style of the genre. Obviously, the songs are fast, brutal, aggressive, slow and groovy, but we didn’t shy away from trying new things. We’ve incorporated a lot of death metal’s neighbouring genres to spice up the mix, varying from beatdown to black metal, and from goregrind to tech death. We feel this is the absolute best album we are able to deliver at this point in our career and we sincerely hope you will become as excited about it as we are!

Sometimes you just need something like Korpse’s Insufferable Violence. A 10-track record that is solely focused on devastation and destruction. A death metal album that is eye-watering in its heavy intensity. A death metal album that has no time for bullshit tricks and laughs in the faces of those who demand melody or catchiness.

Sometimes you just need something that matches up with the despondency and anger that exists in all of us. Something that portrays the innate fury that is buried deep in all of us. That we swallow down and push deep into our subconscious for fear of unleashing it.

Insufferable Violence is all of that and even more. The terrifying reality that should you ever let those feelings bubble over, this is what it would sound like. Uncontrollable chaos, wild and feral, blood thirsty and revelling in the violence.

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Be under no illusions, Korpse’s new album is the bar setter for brutality in 2021. To call it just ‘heavy’ is to do the band a disservice. This is on another level and it is unashamed in its approach.

It is this that makes the album so easy to love. The brain will be mush come the end but genuinely? Who gives a fuck. Korpse don’t and nor should you. If you’re after the literal personification of your anger, hate and disgust, Insufferable Violence is it.

Korpse – Insufferable Violence Full Track Listing:

2. Insufferable Violence
3. Disposable Underaged Objects
4. Self Preservation
5. A Final Lesson
6. Genocidal Bloodbath
7. Callousness
8. Vital Transaction
9. Molestation Condonation
10. Epochs of Melancholy



Korpse - Insufferable Violence (Unique Leader)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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