Album Review: King Parrot – Dead Set (Agonia Records)

Opening song Anthem of the Advance Sinner is an absolute wall of thrash noise attempting to melt your face off. It is a fast-paced aggressive number that really nails the bands sound early on.

Need no Savior lovely chugging riff is instantly exciting, add some sudden bursts of speed & the very unique vocal style & what you get is a heavy as hell but quality song.

I’ve not heard many bands sound as pissed off as King Parrot does on Hell Comes Your Way. It’s a mind-blowing listen & one that begs you to bang her head as hard as you possible can. Like a Rat is next & has a tough task following what came before but is a short punchy song.

Tomorrow Turns to Blood has a lot more death metal going on & it’s worth noting just how impressive the drumming is throughout. Not just on this song but the album as a whole. A thrashy breakdown near the end helps the song from becoming stale.

The guitars open Home Is Where the Gutter is & lead us through a darker, slower number. The more guttural/death metal style vocals take a more prominent place here & help keep things banging along nicely. The whiney guitar intro to Sick in the Head is a welcome change of an opening but it quickly devolves into an unmemorable mess that sounds far too familiar to other songs on the album.

Punisher brings some serious speed back to the thrash & has a really killer riff playing along in the background while Reject aims to be the doomiest song on the album….at least a first. It’s disappointing when the band revert to the same brand of thrash that’s been hammered throughout. The band know what they are good at & are unwilling to compromise.

The final song on the album Dead Set is almost 7 minutes in length, an exhausting length for a song that is insanely heavy throughout but adds in some trippy sounding guitar effects to the sounds of the singer screaming ‘dead set’. Unfortunately it becomes really repetitive as it drifts off towards its finish, a spoken word section that does little to raise a smile.

King Parrot - Dead Set (Agonia Records)
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