Album Review: King Heavy – Guardian Demons (Cruz Del Sur Music)

Belgian/Chilean up-and-coming doomsters King Heavy will release their second album, Guardian Demons, on June 22nd via Cruz Del Sur Music. Featuring six songs of crushing, epic and mid-paced doom.

King Heavy 2

Comments bassist Daniel Perez Saa:

“This truly has been an incredible process. The sound is a lot more consistent because we had Luce in the studio with us. Plus, it sounds better. Being involved in Luce’s vocal recordings where we all could take part made us feel more in control over the entire process. Definitely and without a shadow of a doubt, this is the best King Heavy album to date, from the compositions to the arrangements, details and the sound. The vocal lines are our most epic yet, too. Hard to believe, but it is true! This is one hell of a performance from Luce. I highly value the work he did on his own in Europe, but undeniably, that level of enthusiasm and artistry came through the simple fact of being together — a unique situation for us.”



King Heavy’s brand of doom makes Guardian Demons a real ear-catching listen. Methodical riffs backed up by crushing bass and drums all while the vocals soar over everything. Each track is an experience. One that won’t be forgotten anytime soon and will create wistful memories.

After a solid start with Guardian Demon, King Heavy really lay it on thick with (Death is But An Extreme Form of) Narcosis. A gothic and bleak sounding track that gets under the skin and worms its way into the brain. It’s nothing though when compared to the excellent Doom Shall Rise. A track that doesn’t just get the neck muscles moving. Somehow a call to arms for all of doom metal, it’s an epic shout to the world that doom is way more important than many realise!

With renewed vigour the latter half of the album builds on Doom Shall Rise with the impressive Cult of the Cloven Hoof, the eye-wateringly long Come My Disciples and the hellish finale of As in a Nightmare.

An exceptional album, Guardian Demons does exactly what you’d hope, delivering quality and memorable doom all the way through.

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King Heavy – Guardian Demons Full Track Listing:

1. Guardian Demon
2. (Death is But An Extreme Form of) Narcosis
3. Doom Shall Rise
4. Cult of the Cloven Hoof
5. Come My Disciples
6. As in a Nightmare

You can order the album now via Cruz Del Sur Music here and via Bandcamp here. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page.

King Heavy - Guardian Demons (Cruz Del Sur Music)
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