Album Review: Karg – Dornenvögel (AOP Records)

Karg was founded back in the summer of 2006 as a one-man project. Between 2010 & 2014 it fully formed as a band to play gigs. In the years that followed it Karg retuned to be a one-man project and released two more albums.

With the release of Karg’s sixth studio album, Dornenvögel it will celebrate its rebirth as a live band for a few special dates in 2018 & 2019. Dornenvögel is out on November 16th 2018 via AOP Records.

Karg 2

Haunting and horrid bleak metal is what Karg is all about. Built on ritualistic and morose melody with black metal intensity. It makes for a hell of an experience beginning with the 11+ minute Drangsal. An epic in every sense of the word, when it finishes you just need to sit back and take it all in.

There’s no time to rest though as La tristesse durera toujours, Petrichor and L’appel du vide are right behind to smash you into oblivion. That being said there is impressive beauty layered throughout the tracks too. Moments that will put a sad smile on your face as you reflect on all you’ve lost over the years.

Had the album been 4-5 tracks long then there would be no question mark surrounding it. It would be an instant ‘go out and buy’ but it’s not. It’s not because it’s actually 8 tracks long and each one is as intense and full as the last. Try as you might, it just becomes difficult to not zone out a bit particularly during F 19.5 which is over 12 minutes long!

Don’t be under any impression though that Dornenvögel is a bad album. It’s not, it’s a dark trip through the mind of Karg and getting out alive is no easy task.

Karg 1

Karg – Dornenvögel Full Track Listing:

1. Drangsal
2. La tristesse durera toujours
3. Petrichor
4. L’appel du vide
5. Meine Freiheit war ihr Tod
6. F 19.5
7. Heimat bist du tiefster Winter
8. Advent

You can order the album here and keep up to date with news by liking Karg’s Facebook Page.


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Karg - Dornenvögel (AOP Records)
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