Album Review: Jet Plane – Falls Feather (Ricco Label)

Jet Plane is a band from Russia, who excel at exposing strings-based drama behind post rock crescendos and emotions. Falls Feather is the 4th album by the band and was released on November 15th 2018 via Ricco Label.

Falls Feather 2

Instantly delivering on the promise of melodic atmospheric post-rock tunes that get under the skin with their infectious catchiness, All Through the Day begins things very strongly. A track that highlights Jet Plane’s instrumental beauty and ensures the strings they incorporate actually make a significant difference to their sound.

The six tracks are almost meditative in style, the rhythms soothing and even when the guitars turn it up in a notch it still inspires. Ocean shows this off wonderfully switching effortlessly between glorious melody driven by a violin and faster, rockier guitar parts. It’s stunning and it makes you want to keep going unquestionably.

Wildflowers comes next and brings with it the smell of something quite different. Here we get a track that a little more loose. With hypnotic guitars and gut-troubling bass, the thrown in scratchy effects fit the oddness of the track but ultimately it’s not what really impresses on Falls Feather.

That is simply when Jet Plane focus everything on showing you how beautiful post-rock can be when done right. The near-10 minute sprawling epic of Morendo is built on soft and morose melody that really affects the mood before levelling out into a shaky rhythm. This then carriers on until the track slowly plays out in almost near silence save for the whistling of wind and the occasional piano key. Incredible stuff.

We’re not done yet though as Less looks to unsettle things with a more off-kilter beat led by slightly fuzzy guitar tones and some plinky sounding effects that do well within the overall rhythm. A fascinating listen sadly has to end and its on another long one, Tea that it does.

Hammering home the wide wave of emotions that the listener will have ridden, Jet Plane go one step further here. Whispered words and sad piano melody makes up the first couple of minutes before the guitars and drums slowly increase in volume to help deliver the finest track on the album. A very touching finale on an album that has the power to make you feel and that makes it one of the finest releases this year.

Falls Feather 1

Jet Plane – Falls Feather Full Track Listing:

1. All Through the Day
2. Ocean
3. Wildflowers
4. Morendo
5. Less
6. Tea



You can pick up Fall Feathers over on Bandcamp and Ricco Label. It can also be streamed via Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Soundcloud. Find out more about Jet Plane over on Facebook, Twitter and watch their videos on YouTube.

Jet Plane - Falls Feather (Ricco Label)
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