Album Review: Iron Lamb – Blue Haze (The Sign Records)

Swedish rockers Iron Lamb are set to release their third album, Blue Haze on October 26th, 2018 via The Sign Records. Raising the bar for production, this album shows off Iron Lamb’s multilayered songwriting and craftsmanship. Blue Haze is a new chapter for the band, where dire soundscapes meet a grim sense of humour. Iron Lamb’s tremendous live presence has finally been captured in this apocalyptic recording.

Iron Lamb 2

Unleashing rock and roll energy, Iron Lamb’s middle finger style of classic rock is the sound of confidence delivering exuberant riffing, catchy vocals and upbeat rhythms. There is a noticeable difference between opener Apocalypse Express’ excited rock tune and Bound by Gravity’s Motorhead-like hard rock snarl.

Into the Night keeps things bouncy and interesting with some swagger to it. It’s easy to picture this track playing over the end credits of a action movie from the 80’s although the strength of the riffs are quite something.

The punkish hard rock hits continue to come in the dirty, fast sound of The Hunt before Erase Rewind puts the rest to shame with its no-nonsense swagger.

Albums like this tend to slip into repetition fairly early on so it’s a nice surprise to find that Iron Lamb keep things sounding hot and exciting. A decent length with only 8 tracks help, meaning that by time The Iron and the Lamb and Dead Beat come along there is still plenty of life. Both tracks do more then enough to keep things feeling good.

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Iron Lamb – Blue Haze Full Track Listing:

1. Apocalypse Express
2. Bound by Gravity
3. Into the Night
4. The Hunt
5. Erase Rewind
6. (Fallin’ Like) Dominoes
7. The Iron and the Lamb
8. Dead Beat

You can order the album here and keep up to date with news by liking Iron Lamb’s Facebook Page.


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Iron Lamb - Blue Haze (The Sign Records)
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