Album Review: InVisions – Between You & Me (Stay Sick Recordings)

Spawned into being in 2016 from the ashes of former local bands in their hometown of York, England, InVisions are contagious, NSFW and blistering. Drawing from a plethora of influences – the adrenaline and aggression in metalcore, combined with intricate guitar work inspired by 80s thrash, with the no-fucks-given attitude of modern rap – it’s all tied together with the schizophrenic vocals of Ben Ville leading at the helm, ranging from guttural growls, to biting and demonic squeals, and moments of relief in his emotive singing.

InVisions 2

InVisions returned to Innersound Studios to record their forthcoming second record Between You & Me. Guitarist Alex Scott explains:

“Between You & Me is a phrase everyone has said at some point when confiding in another person or divulging personal information. It’s the lead in to a confession, an off-the-record statement. It wholly sums up the themes that this album explores and the way in which it portrays them”

The new album will be released on February 8th 2019 via Stay Sick Recordings.

Playing a maddening mix of modern hardcore and old-school death, InVisions’ Between You & Me is a demonic sounding record with peace only coming from the segments of clean singing. Kicking off with the deep groove and feral heaviness of Good for Nothing, the breakdown alone is enough to make eyes water and ears bleed.

Too Far Gone, Too Little Too Late and Heretic has InVisions look to tear a hole in the earth with their powerful hardcore ferocity. The chunkiest of riffs, the unbelievably crass thumps of the drums and the most guttural of modern hardcore vocals.

While Follow Me and Worlds Away shows some of the more modern influences with clean singing passages, clearer riffs and some effects thrown in for good measure. These tracks have a much more epic sense mixed within the hardcore heaviness.

If you want a taster track, one that hits all the elements that InVisions are so good at then Memoriam is a good shout. As heavy as it is light, the best of both worlds. Whereas if you’re after something that is pure aggression then Dead to Me is the one to check out.

A roar of “you’re still a c**t” should tell you all you need to know.

InVisions 1

InVisions – Between You & Me Full Track Listing:

1. Good for Nothing
2. Too Far Gone
3. Follow Me
4. Worlds Away
5. Too Little, Too Late
6. Heretic
7. Memoriam
8. Dead to Me
9. LifeLost
10. Down/Out
11. Destined to Fail

Head over to InVisions’ website to order the album and it will be available via all major digital services on release. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page, following them on Twitter and on Instagram.

InVisions - Between You & Me (Stay Sick Recordings)
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