Album Review: Intoxicated – Watch You Burn (Seeing Red Records)

Out of the smoke of the pandemic, Intoxicated return with a renewed energy in the form of their debut full length, Watch You Burn. It will be released on June 24th, 2022 via Seeing Red Records.

Floridan death-metal inspired and infused, Watch You Burn is destructive and belligerent chaos. Where old-school savagery reaches down deep into the soul and pulls out the monster inside. Where ten tracks fly by in a blur of harsh and hard noise. If you need that old-school Floridan death metal itch scratched, Intoxicated have the claws to shred your skin and flesh.

While undeniably death metal, Watch You Burn does have a bit more going on if you take the time to unpick things. There’s some thrash, some crust and some punk. The more you listen, the more you notice and the more the word ‘crossover’ starts to rear its head.

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That’s certainly not a complaint though as it gives this album some fresh legs and makes the pounding and pummelling even more interesting to listen too. It’s as layered as this kind of bullish and brash noise can possibly get, especially when the focus is still on death metal brutality. A level of brutality that compels you to head-bang as though yours and your loved one’s lives depended upon it.

From the very start, the blistering and ‘take no prisoners’ Assholian Mode, will make up most listeners minds. Most, especially fans of the extreme, will find themselves well and truly punch drunk and that only gets more relevant as the album hits its stride with the title track. Before Force Fed will have even the most hardy death metal fan retching, Dumpster Dive is as nauseating as the smell of a week-old dead animal lying in the sun and Inevitable End, well, it’s inevitably heavy.

Intoxicated – Watch You Burn Full Track Listing:

1. Assholian Mode
2. Grovel
3. Watch You Burn
4. Legacy’s Demise
5. Majestic Ride
6. Force Fed
7. Dumpster Dive
8. Revelation Denied
9. Analyze
10. Inevitable End


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Intoxicated - Watch You Burn (Seeing Red Records)
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