Album Review: Insurrection – Extraction (Galy Records)

Extraction is the fourth album from Eastern Canadian brutal heavy metal band, Insurrection. It will be released on October 6th via Galy Records.

Insurrection 1

Playing an exciting blend of death & tech metal, Insurrection are masters of dishing out an aural onslaught, one that comes in both French & English. With a serious amount of meat to the bones of the guttural vocals & complex riffs, System Failure opens the album with a bang.

Rhythmically challenging but with plenty of hooks to keep things interesting & not sounding contrived.

The album motors along in a blast of white metal fire with Onward to Extinction, Pull the Plug & The Eulogy of Hatred being powerful slabs of metal that slay with their ferocious & catchy riffs. There is no give here, no let-up from the intensity of the technical death metal on show here.

Not that you’d want a break anyway. Extraction is filled with hooks that dig away at the brain matter threatening to leave you a dribbling wreck. Le pesant d’or ups the tempo to the point of insanity. The venomous vocals spat out at a blazing pace alongside the heavy groove.

The penultimate track, Assassins really lays the exciting guitar groove on thickly. Mixing perfectly with the complex sounding riffs & shattering drum beats. It’s the perfect precursor to the chugging finale, Data Extracted…End Transmission. A head-banging delight that caps off an impressive showing from Insurrection. They make tech/groove death metal seem so easy.

Insurrection 2

Insurrection – Extraction Full Track Listing:

1. System Failure
2. Onward to Extinction
3. Pull the Plug
4. Le prix à payer
5. The Eulogy of Hatred
6. Parasite
7. Le pesant d’or
8. Misère noire
9. Assassins
10. Data Extracted…End Transmission

You can order the album & earlier work via Bandcamp, Galy Records store & Apple Music below. You can find out more about the band & keep up to date with news via their website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Check out some of their music now over on YouTube & Soundcloud.

Insurrection - Extraction (Galy Records)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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