Album Review: Infirmity – Descendants of Sodom (Lost Apparition Records)

Infirmity are a group of four guys who like to get together, drink beer and make some heavy metal death rock! So crank up your stereo to “11”, get into position to air guitar (or air drum), grab your favorite beer, some ibuprofen for the whiplash, and be prepared to head-bang your ass off! This is metal! This is Infirmity!

On November 9th 2019 they will release their debut album, Descendants of Sodom via Lost Apparition Records.

Death metal done the modern way. Infirmity’s debut is a hard and heavy slab of nasty, the band spreading their vile influence across seven tracks. Think enormous riffs, blazing solos, guttural and spiked vocals, occasional mellow moments and plenty of energy. That is just the title track alone.

Thankfully there is plenty more to find elsewhere too. Darkness Reigns Supreme is all about the riffs, Infatuated With Intoxication burns bright with the most intense death metal style heaviness heard so far and Plastic Idols – The Obsessed is near grind levels of fury lasting less then 2 minutes.

The head-banging is far from over though as Depths of Regression provide a sharpened jab to the eye before Unholy Deception goes all out to destroy. The chunkiest of chunky finales, that it goes on for over 8 minutes could dent its impact but that’s not the Infirmity way. Instead it’s 8+ minutes of a raging beast doing everything it can to leave all around laying.

It works.

Infirmity – Descendants of Sodom Full Track Listing:

1. Gomorrah Aflame
2. Descendants of Sodom
3. Darkness Reigns Supreme
4. Infatuated With Intoxication
5. Plastic Idols – The Obsessed
6. Depths of Regression
7. Unholy Deception




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Infirmity - Descendants of Sodom (Lost Apparition Records)
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