Album Review: In Shadows and Dust – Enlightened by Darkness (Redefining Darkness Records)

In Shadows and Dust blend Swedish Death Metal (ala early Necrophobic, In Flames and At The Gates or Grotesque) with the melodies and stylings of Naglfar and Dissection. It’s quite the interesting combination, and the comparisons don’t end there. Possibly due to the heavy use of the mighty BOSS HM-2 Pedal, songs, at times, can come off more as mid-era Grave (Soulless) or even closer to Swedish grind masters Nasum.

It all makes for an interesting and enjoyable listen, especially considering the songs fly by as main-man and sole-songwriter / instrumentalist, Stephane Thirion, likes to get to the point quickly and most often violently.

Redefining Darkness Records will release Enlightened by Darkness, the new album of In Shadows and Dust on the 21st December 2018.

Enlightened 2

Normally when listening to Swedish inspired death metal, there are expectations. We expect it to sound one way and one way only. Well, In Shadows and Dust stick the middle finger up to those expectations by bringing crushing heaviness, exciting rhythm and melodic passages that has all the workings of swede-melo death but so much more.

Showcased heavily on the title track we get these intense bursts either side of this huge sounding guitar rhythm. It’s almost post-metal in delivery and so exciting.

Keeping things intense and fast, Revenge and Looking into the Void are snarling beasts of noisy death metal delivering a two-pronged attack. While Deathlike Silence goes massive distances to melt your face off with an impossible level of ferocity.



Stephane Thirion has done well to reign himself in here as the 9 tracks wrap up at the 32 minute mark. Often this is the kind of album that just goes on and on but each attack here is short, powerful and impactful. It will leave a bruise or two.

The longest track nearly reaches the five-minute mark and comes in the form of Black Sword. A track played at a hyperactive pace but is clean and tidy enough for the guitars to ring through clearly. I love the production job here as everything sits perfectly alongside each other. Death metal rarely sounds this good.

Enlightened 1

In Shadows and Dust – Enlightened by Darkness Full Track Listing:

1. Maëlys (Intro)
2. Enlightened by Darkness
3. Revenge
4. Looking into the Void
5. Deathlike Silence
6. Dawn of a new Day
7. Black Sword
8. At the Edge of the World
9. Beloved Darkness

The album can be ordered via Redefining Darkness Records here. You can find out more by visiting In Shadows and Dust’s website.


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In Shadows and Dust - Enlightened by Darkness (Redefining Darkness Records)
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