Album Review: In Asymmetry – Ashes Of Dead Worlds (Comatose Music)

Technical, brutal death metal band, In Asymmetry will release their full-length debut album, Ashes of Dead Worlds on May 7th 2021 via Comatose Music. Featuring the insane drumming dexterity of Darren Cesca (Deeds of Flesh) and the vicious vocalisations of Taylor Wientjes (ex-The Faceless, ex-The Kennedy Veil, ex-Inanimate Existence).

Eight slabs of guttural death noise and one cover of guttural death noise, In Asymmetry are aiming to punch a few holes in some heads with this debut. With drumming as weighty as they produce here, there are sure to be some cracked skulls at least. Alongside viciously thick riffing and vocals that sound positively dragged from the swamps of the netherworld.

That, alongside all of that, In Asymmetry are relentless in their delivery. It’s like they had a short amount of time to expel all this wickedness before it consumed them completely, so they went hell for leather on it.

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It’s us that get to enjoy that exorcism now though and what an experience it is. From the moment Whom Prey on the Weak emerges with tight and twisted ferociousness to the moment Thou Art Prayed by the Nazarenes strips rivets from the mind through the sheer depth of heaviness. This is an album that bulges with vitriol and a filth-covered cover of Deeds of Flesh’s Sense of the Diabolic doesn’t change that.

A monstrous debut. In Asymmetry’s Ashes of Dead Worlds more than achieves its goal. A swathe of victims lying in its wake, heads filled with holes.

In Asymmetry – Ashes of Dead Worlds Full Track Listing:

1. Whom Prey on the Weak
2. To Him be the Glory Forever and Ever
3. Hatred Towards the Holy Creature
4. Forged by the Ancient Entity
5. Ashes of Dead Worlds
6. In My Own Image and Likeness
7. Emancipation
8. Thou Art Prayed by the Nazarenes
9. Sense of the Diabolic (Deeds of Flesh Cover)


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In Asymmetry - Ashes Of Dead Worlds (Comatose Music)
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