Album Review: I Am Waiting For You Last Summer – Self-Defence (Trou Blanc)

Self-Defence is the new album from Russian instrumentalists I Am Waiting for You Last Summer. The next step in the inventive trio’s sonic discovery, set for release on 2nd October 2020 via Trou Blanc.

Their third full-length Self-Defence is a concept album about the sense of detachment in a big modern city. The band explain:

While it seems people got closer in terms of communication and even physically in reality it’s quite opposite. The modern world generates new ways to feel loneliness. The inspiration also comes from the authors of classics of the dystopian novels: from Yevgeny Zamyatin to George Orwell. Self-Defence is a metaphor for the struggle with the outside world and with oneself. This is the band’s most emotional and overwhelming album, full of reflection and loneliness, set in the modern world and the near future.

An extensive listen, I Am Waiting for You Last Summer reveal depth and character to their instrumental sound on their new album. A stimulating and fascinating effort that feels incredibly fresh.

From poignant and thought-provoking lulls to weightier assaults of heaviness, the bulk of Self-Defence is quite cinematic. It will make you feel and that’s such an important trait for an album that suggests magnificence on an unmatched scale.

With over 40 minutes to spend in the delectable company of I Am Waiting for You Last Summer, there’s certainly no lack of wonder to be had.

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…and wonder is what will be had. Gobsmacking in its grandeur, 40 minutes flies by in a blur. A vivid encapsulation of sounds that makes everything feel so much more real. This is more than just another (mostly) instrumental album, it’s one of 2020’s most impressive efforts. An unforgettable trip through the mind of this band. One that leaves the listener as exposed as the band are.

I Am Waiting for You Last Summer – Self-Defence Full Track Listing:

1. Brave New World
2. In Circles
3. Into The Wild
4. Je Me Demande (feat Gde-to)
5. Hidden Agenda
6. Faux Pas
7. Everything Ends
8. Boiling Point
9. Renascence


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I Am Waiting For You Last Summer - Self-Defence (Trou Blanc)
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