Album Review: Hypnos Soma – Hypnos Soma (Self Released)

London based psychedelic rock band, Hypnos Soma have released their self-titled new album on July 31st 2018.



Waves of hypnotising rock built on a dreamscape of grungy noise and shoegaze effects wash over you as Hypnos Soma call on the power of hippy-culture. Seven tracks of melting melodies, strung out vocals and remarkable rhythms. The likes of Cold Water are heavily embossed with the late-sixties culture of free love and peace.

Context offers up haunting highs and Bullet Brain gives devious blows before Powder Keg takes off with a bit more pace and groovy vibe. The latter of three is a messy number but the fuzzy riffing is very appealing.

Hypnos Soma is the soundtrack to a drugged-out trip. We’re talking bright and vibrant colours and visible sound waves that move in time to your body. The soft melody of Rainfall is a final reflective tune that ticks along nicely adding the occasional extra element along the way.

Hypnos Soma 1

Hypnos Soma – Hypnos Soma Full Track Listing:

1. Hear The Call
2. Cold Water
3. Context
4. Bullet Brain
5. Powder Keg
6. Bleak Eye
7. Rainfall

You can stream and buy the album now over on Bandcamp and find out more by checking out Hypnos Soma’s Facebook Page.

Hypnos Soma (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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