Album Review: Hunted By Elephants – Carry On (Self Released)

Emerging UK rockers Hunted by Elephants were formed in mid-2018 by Apostolos Liapis (vocals), Roman Flourendzou (guitar) and Raymond Phelan (bass), and are now joined by Alex Butticè (drums). The London-based rock ’n’ rollers ignite favourable comparisons ranging from classic rock heavyweights such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, through to modern genre-based counterparts: Rival Sons, Greta Van Fleet, and Queens Of The Stone Age.

The quartet’s revered debut album, Rise of the Elephant, landed in 2019, and soon picked up strong support from the underground. The record also spawned two popular singles, Unnamed and Human Eyes. Buoyed by the response to their debut release, the energetic rock crew commenced work on their sophomore album, Carry On. Due out on January 15th 2021.

Vocalist, Apostolos Liapis comments about the release:

For us, our second album is all about the chemistry of the band in our performing and song-writing. We always wanted to run with how we recorded the first album and how records were made back in the 70s – all the instruments recorded playing live together. We did this to capture the musical energy of the band and the songs. We’ve worked with some great people on this record – our London based producer, visual artist in France, video producer in London and have a Grammy Award winning mastering engineer in LA on board. We’re really excited to show everyone what we’ve achieved with them.

It’s an apt title for 2021… Carry On and don’t let current events halt your efforts. It’s exactly what Hunted by Elephants are doing with their sophomore album. Carrying on delivering an interesting blend of feel-good, thought-provoking and groovy rock tunes. Music to make you feel, to make you move and to make you hark back to the heyday of classic rock.

The opener, Let Me Be showcasing what this band are all about with some gusto while being suitably chill too. The title track is a ringing endorsement of this sound in 2021 as it lifts the spirits. A kick-ass guitar solo does this by itself.

It’s a seemingly more mellow but incredibly sweet offering with The Weapon but after its initial guitar strumming start, it kicks into a more energetic style. Which continues into the absolutely killer grooving beat of Wiseman before Ghost Song brings things down, but in a good way. A super-chilled out, sun going down on a warm evening, passionate effort that has a very bluesy feel.

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A pick-me-up is needed after that and Keep On Giving Me Lovin… and Electric more than deliver. The former is Hunted by Elephants at their catchiest and Electric’s slower and sexier tempo is music to dance too. The sultry vocals have been tip-top so far, but they truly excel here.

Following that, the most expansive and lengthy effort that is Towards the Light comes as something of a surprise. Not that Hunted by Elephants are incapable of providing such detail but rather how they make it so dreamy yet so fiercely passionate.

Passion that bleeds into the more frantic, yet measured penultimate effort, Believe in Something. Before Take Me Away wraps up a wickedly rocking effort showcasing much of what makes the band and this album such an addictive listen. Rich and heartfelt, warm and cosy, hectic and harmonious… it’s a top drawer closer.

A strong listen, Hunted by Elephants have crafted something to help banish the January blues but will surely still be in playlists come summer time too.

Hunted by Elephants – Carry On Full Track Listing:

1. Let Me Be
2. Carry On
3. The Weapon
4. Wiseman
5. Ghost Song
6. Keep On Giving Me Lovin…
7. Electric
8. Towards the Light
9. Believe in Something
10. Take Me Away


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Hunted By Elephants - Carry On (Self Released)
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