Album Review: Homicide Hagridden – Effect Lucifero (The Goatmancer Records)

Thrash metal in the vein of Slayer and early Testament, Italy’s Homicide Hagridden will release their new album Effect Lucifero on November 23rd 2018 via The Goatmancer Records.

Homicide Hagridden 2

It’s hard to not think about the thrash legends Slayer as you listen to Effect Lucifero as Homicide Hagridden base their thrash music heavily on them. Opener 4 Letters is a throwback to the days of Reign in Blood but thankfully the band show they have their own sound with Remembrance of Me. A more complex level of riffing and vocals while still showing off their thrash metal credentials.

Continually bringing hefty guitar licks, booming bass and harsh vocals, the likes of Regime, Raped and Lethal Agreement deliver all things thrash to please even the most ardent of fans.

It is nice to see the band come into their own as the album takes hold when even more influences from the cream of metal come a-knocking. The excellent Purify drops some of the finest guitar soloing alongside huge death-like riffs to really up the album’s game. Then there is the melo-death first half of The Unsaid that erupts into brutalising thrash heaviness.

A fine addition to any thrash metal fans collection.

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Homicide Hagridden – Effect Lucifero Full Track Listing:

1. 4 Letters
2. Remembrance of Me
3. Regime
4. Raped
5. Lies to an Angel
6. Lethal Agreement
7. Purify
8. The Unsaid
9. Black as War (Bonus Track)



The album is available digitally now over on Bandcamp and you can find out more via their Facebook Page.


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Homicide Hagridden - Effect Lucifero (The Goatmancer Records)
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