Album Review: Hevilan – Symphony of Good and Evil (Brutal Records)

Notorious heavy symphonic metal outfit Hevilan return with their frantic new album ‘The Symphony of Good and Evil’. Due to be released by Brutal Records on March 19th, 2021.

Aiming for spectacular and falling somewhere between magical and magnificent, Hevilan combine an old-school heavy metal feel with focused symphonic elements. Crushingly heavy head-bangers with meaty riffs and thumping percussion, backed up by soaring vocals that have plenty of growl to them when needed. The symphonic elements are not as prominently placed as you might expect either.

In fact on the opener, Dark Paradise, the focus is on hyperactive guitars and chunky drums. A very heavy metal start. It’s with Rebellion of the Saints that the grandeur is exposed with choir singing that gives it a very epic feel. While still being heavy as balls. The groove of the guitars will get the neck muscles twitching.

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Great Battle and Here I Am are less exciting and interesting but deliver on the dark and thumping heaviness that Hevilan promise. Before we get a surprising ballad in the form of Always in My Dreams. A classy effort, the vocals absolutely shine here as they needed too, being so front and centre.

Things then build back with the two parts of Devil Within. Part I: The Evil Approaches is an apt title as the guitar rhythm has a wicked feel to it. As though something is approaching from behind. As it begins to spike and get heavier, it’s clear that what follows is truly evil. Part II: Hammer of Gods goes the frenzied route with an all out assault of heavy metal proportions. A truly epic listen that buoys the spirit and energises the soul.

Waiting for the Right Time is a mostly mellow listen (aside from occasional bursts) and needed as what follows is the 4-part title track that will drain all the energy left over. Beginning with Part I: Revelation, where operatic singing and grandiose orchestrations make for a gargantuan start. It leads into Part II: Dark Ages where the symphonic elements are still front and centre at first. Then it kicks up a notch but not as you might expect. The broken groove, djenty in a way, it’s a little hard to get into but Hevilan correct the course by getting faster and heavier. The track evolving in something truly wild.

Continuing the perfect flow, Part III: Song of Rebellion is a very short build of epic symphonic music. Leading right into the finale of Part IV: Epilogue which is not at all what you might expect with such a title. For starters, it’s over 7-minutes long and brings back the metal with some serious gusto. The culmination of Hevilan’s story and the best example of how well their metal stylings and symphonic layers work together. One final glorious head-banger to end things on a high.

There’s no doubt they’ve put in a ton of effort here and it has paid off. There’s a lot to take in and at around 54 minutes, there’s no shortage of music here. Aside from a few flat points, The Symphony of Good and Evil rises high and soars spectacularly through the sky.

Hevilan – The Symphony of Good and Evil Full Track Listing:

1. Dark Paradise
2. Rebellion of the Saints
3. Great Battle
4. Here I Am
5. Always In My Dreams
6. Devil Within – Part I: Evil Approaches
7. Devil Within – Part II: Hammer of Gods
8. Waiting For The Right Time
9. Symphony of Good and Evil – Part I: Revelation
10. Symphony of Good and Evil – Part II: Dark Ages
11. Symphony of Good and Evil – Part III: Song of Rebellion
12. Symphony of Good and Evil – Part IV: Epilogue


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Hevilan - Symphony of Good and Evil (Brutal Records)
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