Album Review: Helgrind – Insurrection (Metal Rocka Recordings/One Eyed Toad Records/Cargo Records)

Celebrating their 20th year of mayhem, thrash legends Helgrind unleash their fifth LP, ‘Insurrection’ – a testament to their iron will. Insurrection is out October 22nd via Metal Rocka Recordings, Cargo Records and One Eyed Toad Records.

For those about to thrash… we head-bang with you.

Kicking off with the violent zombie-inspired Dead Shall Rise, Helgrind come screaming out of Hell with a powerful and blood-thirsty thrash heavyweight. Let the feeding frenzy commence, this is a damn tasty morsel and a sign of what is to come.

If your neck is up to the task, Massacre the Suffering and Dead Army demand that you keep the furious bout of head-banging going. A demand that is hard to ignore when Helgrind are producing such delicious slabs of thrash speed and fury.

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Bitter End is another kick-ass listen; the clarity on the vocals, the death-infused segment and roaring riffs thrills. Not My Enemy has a lot to say and does so in a concise and punchy thrash way before Breeding Hate kind of goes ‘epic’, especially with that incredible latter portion. Helgrind suddenly showing that there is more to them than just speedy head-bangers.

Although, few could complain if that’s all this album offered as it’s a blast. There’s no getting sick of this kind of fire and Harvest, Raise the Flag and the self-titled finale ensure thrash fans will be head-banging to this for some time.

Helgrind – Insurrection Full Track Listing:

1. Dead Shall Rise
2. Massacre the Suffering
3. Dead Army
4. Bitter End
5. Not My Enemy
6. Breeding Hate
7. Harvest
8. Raise the Flag
9. Helgrind


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Helgrind - Insurrection (Metal Rocka Recordings/One Eyed Toad Records/Cargo Records)
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