Album Review: Heathen Kings – Fealty to None (Self Released)

Named after ancient lords of Middle-earth, Heathen Kings bring new blood to old lore, forged in the fires of mount doom – only there can Heathen Kings be unmade. Formed in Suffolk UK in 2021 they exist for a single purpose, the chance to do battle alongside the modern titans of metal, (Visigoth, Grand Magus, Blind Guardian, Sumerlands, Eternal Champion, Unto Others) Ever they will work under the watchful eyes of the old gods such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath.

Heathen Kings’ debut album ‘Fealty to None’ will be released on May 26th, 2023.

On the one hand, you’ll be tempted to dust of your denim and leather upon hearing this debut album from Heathen Kings. On the other, you might be tempted to get your walking shoes on and take a wander into the world of Middle-Earth. Such is the range that this band showcases. It’s undeniably heavy metal in its most honest form, but it also draws from the immense world of power metal too.

The end result? A bevy of reasons to head-bang, throw your horns in the air, and swear fealty to one, that one being Heathen Kings.

Featuring ten varied blasts of grin-inducing old-school METAL (caps needed for this), Heathen Kings are having some fun here. Unashamedly wearing their influences on their sleeves, paying tribute to those that laid the path they walk upon, and making sure they live up to the expectations set by the head-bangers of old.

Which they certainly do, hitting a lot of high notes with an opening cacophony of riffs, hooks, beats, and epic vocals on In the Hall of the Kings, the title track, I Am the Hammer, and England Expects. The latter is certainly a call to arms for all warriors of this land.

The middle of the album is marked with a 34-second intermission of dark atmosphere called The Pass of Cirith Ungol, before She’s Alive gets the heart racing with galloping guitars, and Heart of the Mountain Horde messes around with tempos, all while sounding delightfully epic.

It’s never boring, that much is for sure, which is quite impressive when you consider the fact it is thoroughly rooted in such a familiar sound. Heathen Kings are certainly injecting fresh life into it and it’s what makes the latter efforts of Flight of the Intruder, Warriors Choice, and A Song for Denethor so enjoyable.

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Heathen Kings – Fealty to None Track Listing:

1. In the Hall of the Kings
2. Fealty to None
3. I Am the Hammer
4. England Expects
5. The Pass of Cirith Ungol
6. She’s Alive
7. Heart of the Mountain Horde
8. Flight of the Intruder
9. Warriors Choice
10. A Song for Denethor


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Heathen Kings – Fealty to None (Self Released)
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