Album Review: Hearts & Hand Grenades – Between the Lines (Eclipse Records)

Hearts & Hand Grenades is an American NWOCR (new wave of classic rock) group from Buffalo, NY fronted by Stephanie Wlosinski on lead vocals & bass guitar. Between the Lines is the band’s second full-length album and it will be released on November 19th, 2021 via Eclipse Records.

Back in super-quick fashion (their debut album, Turning to Ashes was released in Jan 2021), Hearts & Hand Grenades are striking while the iron is hot. Having made an impact with their first release, they’re now building on that success with a second album of anthemic hard rock tunes.

Anthemic is the right word too as Hearts & Hand Grenades bring massive choruses, groovy rhythms and powerful sing-along moments. From the foot-tapping start of Scream It Out to the moodier, guitar-soloing worshipping, catchy head-banger that is Black Sunset and the defiant chug and cheer of the title track. The vocals of Stephanie are phenomenal in the latter particularly.

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Although, her unique style is notable throughout, Hearts & Hand Grenades are not a one-woman show. The guitars and drums are what makes you move and groove, case in point, the kick-ass beat of Secret and the energetic racing rockiness of the earnest Tragedy.

The halfway point of the album reached, it’s time for something much more powerfully poignant with Beautiful Pain. Hearts & Hand Grenades at their most morose but also their heaviest, as the riffs really hit hard here.

The fun, rocking energy is back for the punk-infused body-shaker that is Bad Medicine before Hearts & Hand Grenades deliver one of their best efforts with the chunky riffs, thrilling soloing and gargantuan chorus of Illogical. Though there are no complaints about the galloping guitars and fist-punching chorus of Wait either. A track that utilises subtle but enhancing effects.

Which brings us to the end and the finale of Moonlight. Where the tempo is slower, melodies play off heftier riffing and the chorus has a tenderness that leaves a pensive smile on the face. The briefest flurry of faster guitars makes for a fun shift but this is a track all about its poignancy.

Between the Lines shows that Hearts & Hand Grenades are growing as a band. Building on the catchy hard rock tunes of their debut with a more meaningful set of tracks. All while keeping the core ‘rockiness’ present.

Hearts & Hand Grenades – Between the Lines Full Track Listing:

1. Scream It Out
2. Black Sunset
3. Between The Lines
4. Secret
5. Tragedy
6. Beautiful Pain
7. Bad Medicine
8. Illogical
9. Wait
10. Moonlight


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Hearts & Hand Grenades - Between the Lines (Eclipse Records)
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