Album Review: Heart of A Coward – The Disconnect (Arising Empire)

Having well and truly cemented themselves as one of the brightest young acts in metal today, Heart of a Coward had to spend a bit of time calibrating to a new vocalist after the departure of Jamie Graham in 2017. A couple of years away and the new line-up is ready to go with Kaan Tasan taking up the frontman/vocalist role.

Following up from 2015’s offering ‘Deliverence’, the band’s new album is titled ‘The Disconnect’, and is set to be released on June 7th 2019 via Arising Empire.

Coward 2

A reborn Heart of A Coward, this is an album that shows the band positioning themselves to be even more of a force in metal then they were before. We’ve had a taste of what The Disconnect has to offer with a couple of singles, a trio that actually open the album.

The absolute metalcore beast that is Drown In Ruin (that chorus is utterly brilliant), the more traditional Heart of A Coward sounding Ritual and the head-banger that is Collapse. The first three songs are a great showcase of where Heart of A Coward are right now in their careers.

This is Heart of A Coward at their best, a magnificent beast of bone crunching heaviness, savage breakdowns and feel-good choruses. As well as having the odd melodic moment such as the soft vocals and effects driven Return to Dust. A track that flows wonderfully into the spectacular Suffocate. This is a track that is going to drive a live crowd wild, ferocity in the guitars and vocals that demand you lose your absolute mind to it.

The same can be said for Parasite as here we another absolute rager that brutalises the mind and that roar of ‘you fucking parasite’ is earth-shaking stuff.

An excellent return ends with one final epic in the form of Isolation. Melodic, wickedly catchy chorus and an increasingly deeper heaviness that leads to a fine finish.


Heart of A Coward – The Disconnect Full Track Listing:

1. Drown In Ruin
2. Ritual
3. Collapse
4. Culture Of Lies
5. In The Wake
6. Senseless
7. Return To Dust
8. Suffocate
9. Parasite
10. Isolation


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Heart of A Coward - The Disconnect (Arising Empire)
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