Album Review: Grimtone – Memento Mori (Rockshots Records)

Black metal band, Grimtone will release their debut album ‘Memento Mori’ on December 8th 2017 via Rockshots Records.

Grimtone 1

After a nice melodic intro that is pretty pointless in the context of what follows, Grimtone pour the dark sound on thickly with Souls Reborn in Hate. A raging style of black metal, the wild intensity of the riffs & beats plays off the hellish vocals perfectly.

It’s a decent start but feels way too familiar. The Blood of the Dead improves things ten-fold though, the spoken word vocals are sermon-like making for a really engrossing listen. The slower black-fuelled rhythm adding a really dark layer.

Inspirations are clear to hear as Grimtone delve into a more historic black metal sound with the title track, the groove that litters Fields of Pale Limbs & the melodic touch of Armageddon (Rise from Hell). It might not be the most original sounding album but it still is a stellar black metal listen.

The shadows grow even longer on the penultimate track, Witch’s Lair before Empress of Black Light delivers the killing blow. The former is a subtler & haunting number while the latter is all about black metal aggression. Two very striking tracks to close out a solid album.

Grimtone 2

Grimtone – Memento Mori Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Souls Reborn in Hate
3. The Blood of the Dead
4. Memento Mori
5. Fields of Pale Limbs
6. Armageddon (Rise from Hell)
7. Witch’s Lair
8. Empress of Black Light

You can find out more about the band & keep up to date on the album release over on Facebook.

Grimtone - Memento Mori (Rockshots Records)
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