Album Review: Gravesend – Methods Of Human Disposal (20 Buck Spin)

NYC’s Gravesend arise with ill intent like a foul emanation from the aging sewage filled rot slowly winding its way beneath the city’s vast concrete walls and pavement pathways. A New York of discarded needles, noxious fumes, scavenging rats, broken bottles and cracked minds. An aural manifesto of urban blight and disgust, “Methods of Human Disposal” will be released on February 19th, 2021 via 20 Buck Spin.

Now this is dirty. An album that shines a light on the seedy underbelly of something that is mostly romanticised. An album that isn’t just utterly brutal in delivery but one that conjures up images of maggot-ridden, pus-filled and pulsating infections. There’s a sickness running through Methods of Human Disposal and the cure is to simply suffer through its 15 rancid experiences.

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A harsh and heavy blend of blackened death with grindcore’s penchant for short and sharp jabs. Gravesend come across like a bunch of disturbed lunatics, such is the bristling and unbridled savagery they spew out here. This is a wild ride through the vulgarities that exist in this band’s mind and the only way to keep up is to dive headfirst into the filth.

No-one is going to come out the other side feeling good but that doesn’t mean there won’t be heavy appreciation and admiration for what Gravesend have shared. It’s an accomplished effort that can rightfully be called the most nauseating release of 2021 so far.

Gravesend – Methods of Human Disposal Full Track Listing:

1. Fear City
2. STH-10
3. Methods of Human Disposal
4. Ashen Piles of The Incinerated
5. End of The Line
6. Subterranean Solitude
7. Unclaimed Remains
8. Verrazano Floater
9. Eye for An Eye
10. Trinity Burning
11. Needle Park
12. Absolute Filth
13. The Grave’s End
14. Scum Breeds Scum
15. Concrete Feet


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Gravesend - Methods Of Human Disposal (20 Buck Spin)
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