Album Review: Goath – III: Shaped By The Unlight (Ván Records)

Ván Records proudly presents the third full-length of German Black-Deathers Goath! Entitled III: Shaped by the Unlight, it will be released on April 9th 2021.

Goath are the masters of infusing their blackened death metal sound with a raw, seedy and corruptible edge. III: Shaped by the Unlight is the band firing on all cylinders and at peak strength. The captured ‘live in the studio’ experience adds so much extra brutality.

This is a furious album. This is a furious Goath. Nine tracks of high-powered blackened death intensity that comes screeching out of the darkness with opener Symbiosis of Vengeance and Guilt. The blazing speed of the guitars and drums only matched by the guttural disgust of the vocals.

The eye watering intensity doesn’t get any easier to experience as Pretending to Serve While Rape spits molten fire directly into the ear canal. The title track punches and punches away with a shorter savage blast and Dissolving Flesh Redemption really reaches into Goath’s bag of black metal tricks. Track after track of raw fury that is down right thrilling to listen too.

Keeping this level of non-stop rage going is impressive but Goath are furious and Epitome of Perpetual Rage is the chunky and vomitus sound of it. The mucky percussion and scarring vocals, the personification of that.

The latter portion of the record keeps the heat turned up high. Smoltification, Clitless Loyalty and Perception bursting at the seams with continuing savagery. Slicing and smashing their way through the brain matter to bury deeply inside. It might sound like it’s too much to take in one sitting but don’t be put off as Goath are way too talented to not keep your attention right where it should be. Which is focused on them and their angry, raw music.

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It’s not too long either. The 40 minute runtime ending with Impregnated With Black Fire. Admittedly, a surprisingly long finale (7:51) but Goath are simply taking their time with this one. Moving thorough the gears until they’ve reached the point of no return and are likely to hurtle off a cliff with us in tow. It’s a jarring finish but in the best way possible. There’s no getting bored and no lulls in intensity.

One word. Brutal.

Goath – III: Shaped by the Unlight Full Track Listing:

1. Symbiosis of Vengeance and Guilt
2. Pretending to Serve While Raping
3. Shaped by the Unlit
4. Dissolving Flesh Redemption
5. Epitome of Perpetual Rage
6. Smoltification
7. Clitless Loyalty
8. Perception
9. Impregnated With Black Fire


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Goath - III: Shaped By The Unlight (Ván Records)
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