Album Review: Gnash Rambler – Gnash Rambler (Self-Released)

The debut self-titled album from Vancouver-based Gnash Rambler was released on March 31st 2017.

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Gnash Rambler’s debut self titled album is a fun blend of punk rock tinged with power pop choruses. From the moment No One Gives A Fuck kicks into gear it’s easy to hear just what makes them such a unique commodity. Short, sharp & to the point it’s got hooks that really dig into the skin.

Dues & Don’ts brings the rock riffs out to play with mixed results while Bad Karma’s poppy beat & chrooning chorus does little to excite. They’re both catchy with some nice rhythmic moments but they lack a killer edge. Although Bad Karma does have a pretty solid solo at the end.

You can’t help but compare songs like Downtown Rock to Weezer as its soft-rock sound is so similar to something they might put out. The comparison is hardly a bad thing if you consider the popularity & success of Weezer though.

Thankfully Gnash Rambler return to a more punk-rock style with the Buick Spyder/Beyond Our Means. 5 minutes of rocking riffs that dig away at the impatience felt by the first couple of songs. When the vocals do come in they have a nice urgency about them, they give the song a real raw punk feel.

One of the best things about the album is the constant upbeat vibe it gives off. The bluesy tune of Blues for Boogie, the silliness of Jello Mold’s singable chorus & the feel-good rhythms of Doin’ it all Wrong really show off the quality in Gnash Ramblers writing. The latter of the three, although quite short, is a highlight of the entire album.

The use of crooning background vocals on certain songs like I’m Het might seem odd at first but they really add a nice, softer layer to vocals that have a constant punk bite.

Gnash Rambler’s debut album finishes on a high with the punk-fused riffs & hooks of Man Over & Sex Beast. Both are short, exciting slices of rock music that put to bed any notion that Gnash Rambler haven’t put together a great piece of work.

Aside from the slow start, Gnash Rambler have dropped a great album filled with catchy hooks & riffs. It takes occasional mis-steps but makes up for most of them with memorable beats & melody.

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Gnash Rambler – Gnash Rambler Full Track Listing:

1. No One Gives A…
2. Dues and Don’ts
3. Bad Karma
4. Downtown Rock
5. Buick Spyder/Beyond Our Means
6. Blues for Boogie
7. Jello Mold
8. Doin’ it all Wrong
9. I’m Het
10. PAX Americana
11. Man Over
12. Sex Beast
13. Bad Karma (Radio Friendly Edit)

Gnash Rambler can be picked up via iTunes, Spotify & all other major streaming music services. You can find out much more about the band over on Facebook & Twitter.

Gnash Rambler - Gnash Rambler (Self-Released)
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