Album Review: Giant Dwarf – Giant Dwarf (Sound Effect Records)

From the isolated capital of Western Australia, Perth, Giant Dwarf was founded by musicians obsessed with all things fuzzy/heavy/psychey/droney/proggy and weird. The band’s self-titled album is eight tracks of strangely blended fuzzy heaviness with a side of sun-baked psychedelia.

The album was released in April of this year but is now being released in vinyl format on October 18th 2019. It will be available in different versions including black, coloured and splatter.

Wonderfully psychedelic, Golden Walrus sends the mind into trippy places straight from the start. It’s not just because of the fuzz either but rather the prog-inspirations that start to make themselves known here.

The aforementioned fuzz is very dominant on the following Black Thumb though. Then we get Disco Void, an apt name as there is groove here that does make you wanna have a little boogie.

Keeping the balance of hard rocking psychedelic and fuzzy drone progginess is done exceptionally well here. Each new track feels like a new journey made up of bright colours and sounds, things to experience at least once. Once might be enough for some but when you’ve got oddities like Kepler and Strange Wool, most are going to want to experience it time and time again.

High Tide Blues is the penultimate track, taking the mood down with sourness dominating over any sweetness that does come from a fascinating listen. The Deluge then arrives to close Giant Dwarf’s self titled release out in really trippy style. The vocals echoing and the guitars burning a hole in the skull so the fuzz Giant Dwarf have jammed in there can leak out.

Giant Dwarf – Giant Dwarf Full Track Listing:

1. Golden Walrus
2. Black Thumb
3. Disco Void
4. Kepler
5. Repeat After Defeat
6. Strange Wool
7. High Tide Blues
8. The Deluge




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Giant Dwarf - Giant Dwarf (Sound Effect Records)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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