Album Review: Ghost – Meliora (Seven Four Entertainment)

Ghost’s third album, Meliora comes with some lofty expectations & right from the opening spooky sounds of Spirit you know you’re in for a treat. A mix of guitar & drums introduce the song properly before the unmistakable voice of Papa Emeritus rings out. Vocally he sounds better than ever & the catchy beat throughout will have you nodding your head in approval. The keyboards are quite subtle throughout adding some welcome gothic sounds to the background resulting in one of the more complete sounding Ghost songs ever.

The Pinnacle to the Pit’s opening bass & soft drumming really sets the tone for a much darker song. The song doesn’t immediately grab you feeling slightly repetitive when it suddenly shifts gear & changes the tone of the entire track. It’s incredible & shows just how talented the band is especially when the same section returns later but is changed up again. Quite simply brilliant.

Cirice has been available for a while having been the first song released but time hasn’t made it any less impressive. The slow intro leads into a much more recognisable Ghost beat but with a surprisingly heavy riff. It’s broken up well by occasionally returning to a softer edge with Papa’s beautiful voice soaring backed up by keyboards. An excellent guitar solo near the end completes another instant Ghost classic.

A short piece of music called Spoksonat gives some breathing room before the incredible opening of He Is rings out. Quite possibly the most unexpected song on the album, ballad-like but filled with the usual Ghost style lyrics. The guitar work throughout is amazing & very catchy but accompanied by some of Papa Emeritus’s best singing to date.

Mummy Dust is one of the heaviest songs on the album opening with speed & never really letting up. The beat is consistent throughout but the times it does change pace is only to allow some gothic-fused keyboards to shine alongside a darker sounding Papa voice.

Majesty might be the weakest song on the album but it is by no means a bad song. Opening with a guitar riff that sounds more like a rock & roll band then Ghost it doesn’t take long before the more traditional stuff takes over. The chorus lacks the same punch that the rest of the song has with Papa’s vocals really having an evil sounding edge.

Another short piece of music, Devil Church comes next beginning with keyboards that really make you think of a black mass before being joined by the rest of the instruments. It’s a really catchy song but is over within a minute.

The second to last song, Absolution, is a candidate for the best song on the album. Instantly heavy with a riff that just gets you moving. There is so much going on throughout that it’s a song that needs several listens to just to take it all in. The keyboards are incredible here & they play at all the right times. The sudden slow down with an almost 80’s-pop style keyboards jam is a real moment that reminds you just how eclectic Ghost are as a band especially when a guitar solo follows!

The final song & another candidate for the best song of the album is Deus in Absentia. Quite simply a beautiful Ghost song on par with anything that has come before. Incredibly catchy filled with all everything that makes the band so unique. Some of the best keyboard playing on the album with a riff throughout that just puts a smile on your face. The last minute or so of religious-style singing sees things off with less of a bang but it works so well.

“The world is on fire and you are here to stay and burn with me”.

The best Ghost album so far, the amount of talent within the group is incredible & every song has something that just makes you sit up & take notice.


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Ghost - Meliora (Seven Four Entertainment)
  • The Final Score - 9.5/10
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