Album Review: Ghost – Imperia (Loma Vista Recordings)

Love them or hate them, Ghost is a superstar band. A group of mysterious entities (although less so these days) that have slowly but surely evolved their sound from sinister, rock orientated music to sinister, pop-infused anthemic rock music. It’s really not as startling a change as some people would have you believe.

Regardless of which side of the fence you sit when it comes to Ghost, few can deny that the band’s rise to prominence hasn’t been earned. They have worked hard to become the mainstream act they are and while they still have little to prove, they’re still pushing and pushing.

Case in point? Their fifth and brand-new album Impera. Released on March 11th, 2022. Easily the most cinematic, varied, complete and crowd-pleasing Ghost album to date. There’s something for everyone on this album. From fans of their 2010 debut ‘Opus Eponymous’ to the fans of 2018’s Prequelle. Everything Ghost has done to date is here in the form of what Ghost are now… but bigger.

It could have ended up being muddled and confused but Impera might be the most ‘Ghost’ album Ghost have released to date.

Beginning with Imperium, Ghost let an epic guitar riff and a strong marching drumbeat do all the talking on this intro. Before Kaisarion explodes in grin-inducing classic metal style, even down to a high-pitched scream from Papa Emeritus IV. It’s as if Ghost heard people say they can’t play heavy metal and decided to shut them all up. Though be under no illusions, this is Ghost through and through as the chorus is super-catchy in their pop-infused way.

Talking of pop though, the 80s keyboard tones of Kaisarion are cut from that cloth, as we get a very classic Ghost anthem. Try as you might, this one will get well and truly stuck in the head.

It’s a couple of singles next. First up is the moody and dark tone of Call Me Little Sunshine, a track that holds all the cinematic flair of modern Ghost but wouldn’t be out of place on an album like Infestissumam or Meliora. The chorus is simply fire and sure to be one hell of a singalong in the live environment. It’s then followed by the horror-themed Hunter’s Moon (it was featured on the Halloween Kills soundtrack).

A track that could be called the least interesting track on the album even if it has radio written all over it. Although Watcher in the Sky’s groovy set of riffs, chuggy and chunky, isn’t exactly spectacular. Even if a ripping guitar solo makes it more make it more notable.

The slight dip in quality that came from those two tracks ends here as the cinematic darkness of the intermission that is Dominion leads into the brilliant Twenties. One of Ghost’s most electrifying and danceable tracks to date. Stupendously catchy and kooky, while being nice and rocky, this is the unique kind of structure and story-telling Ghost exude and is why people adore this band.

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Two more bangers in the form of the melodramatic epic that is Darkness at the Heart of My Love and the groovy, old-school rocker that is Griftwood. Before 31 seconds of dark melody sets up the finale, the longest track on the album.

Called Respite on the Spitalfields, it’s slow-moving and melody driven, The focus being on Papa’s unique vocals and delivery. However, it’s also incredibly lavish sounding without over-complicating things with tons of effects and cinematic touches. Simplicity, but Ghost style.

The jury is still out regarding this being the best Ghost album to date. That’s going to be hotly debated amongst fans, that’s for sure. One thing all will be able to agree on though, is that it’s one of their best.

Ghost – Impera Full Track Listing:

1. Imperium
2. Kaisarion
3. Spillways
4. Call Me Little Sunshine
5. Hunter’s Moon
6. Watcher In the Sky
7. Dominion
8. Twenties
9. Darkness At the Heart of My Love
10. Griftwood
11. Bite of Passage
12. Respite On the Spitalfields


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Ghost - Imperia (Loma Vista Recordings)
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