Album Review: Genus Ordinis Dei – Glare of Deliverance (Eclipse Records)

Glare of Deliverance is the third full-length album from Italian symphonic death metal masters, Genus Ordinis Dei. The album is a series of ten individual songs, each with its own music video/episode. These “episodes” combine in sequence like a short film or television series that tells the story of a young woman named Eleanor who is persecuted by the Holy Inquisition.

It will be released on December 4th 2020 via Eclipse Records.

Absolutely nailing the grandiose concept that they are sharing, Glare of Deliverance is a monumental symphonic metal release. Something to close out the year with a bang, or in fire and flames at least.

The story told here, Eleanor’s treatment at the hands of the Holy Inquisition is fascinating and even more impressive, easy to follow. From her initial peace disturbed by the arrival of the Inquisition, through to her capture, torture and being judged as a witch to her eventual fiery fate. It’s as epic as it should be and Genus Ordinis Dei tell the story through their expansive symphonic metal sound.

The elegance of the orchestration is put to good use here, always prominently placed but not so much that it overshadows the metal side of the band. Although with such oopmh to their sound, it would be near impossible to do that anyway. Crunchy and crushing drum beats hammer the nails home while the riffs and bass hooks are blazing energetically in the background. Every so often a sharply placed guitar solo will emerge to stand front and centre while the gruff and guttural vocals go a long way to keep the focus on the story.

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That it’s a systematically dark album really makes the difference too. The grandeur is not wasted, nor does it feel like orchestral elements are just there to make a metal track sound more interesting then if should be. From beginning to end, Genus Ordinis Dei have crafted a heavyweight release and it might be the most extravagant album heard this year so far.

An epic album needs an epic length and Glare of Deliverance is around 72 minutes. Yet it’s not noticeable, such is the quality on show here. It’s the epitome of how to draw a listener into a world that isn’t their own. Without a shadow of a doubt, the story of Eleanor is well worth hearing, even if it will leave you cold and sad.

Genus Ordinis Dei – Glare of Deliverance Full Track Listing:

1. Ritual
2. Hunt
3. Edict
4. Examination
5. Torture
6. Judgement
7. Dream
8. Abjuration
9. Exorcism
10. Fire


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Genus Ordinis Dei - Glare of Deliverance (Eclipse Records)
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