Album Review: FyreSky – The Grand Illusion (Self Released)

Essex based Gothic-Hard Rockers FyreSky are proud to present their debut album ‘The Grand Illusion’ self-released on May 31st.

Having spent their first 3 years establishing themselves as a live act with highlights such as winning best live band at Undiscovered Live Music Project 2017; opening the Main Stage of Village Green Festival 2017; tour and support slots with The Heretic Order, Sick ‘N Beautiful and JOANovARC; it’s now time for FyreSky to unleash their debut album!

The main concept of the album is based on two sides of a coin ‘Truth’ and ‘Illusion’. ‘The Grand Illusion’; the rose-tinted view of the world we are presented with laced with lies and deception. ‘The Irrefutable Truth’ when the veil is lifted to show the darkness of our reality.


With catchy hooks, burly riffs and a welcome touch of hard rock to it, Pieces (Hit the Floor) delivers a significant start. Energetic and full of life, the Gothic edge that runs through the track like a big blue vein is really good.

It’s a great start for the British up and comers and they improve on that with Through the Looking Glass. A track that reminded me of Audioslave and it’s certainly fair to say that vocalist Gabriel J Valentine has a bit of the Cornell about him.

FyreSky then up the heaviness for the dirty groove of Pleasure for Pain and the riff monster that is Spectre. The latter in particular is filled with body shaking thrills with a kick-ass hard rock guitar solo to boot.

Carpe Noctem might be the best track on the album though. A track that screams ‘crowd sing-a-long’ with wonderful Gothic melody and one of the catchiest choruses of the album. The old-school rock solo is to die for, a proper ‘lighters out’ moment.

Lost to the Light comes mightily close though, delivering a sorrow-filled listen of keys and vocals. Spell-binding and a wonderful showcase of just how good FyreSky’s song-writing ability is.

After such a breathless pair, it’s nice to get back to the hard rocking groovier Gothic numbers as the title track delivers yet another memorable chorus while Ashes is simple, straight-forward heavy riffing.

In between them is the mysterious and middle-eastern influenced Invocation showing variety in FyreSky’s sound before the detailed Echoes of the Sun closes out the album.


FyreSky – The Grand Illusion Full Track Listing:

1. Pieces (Hit the Floor)
2. Through the Looking Glass
3. Pleasure for Pain
4. The Irrefutable Truth
5. Spectre
6. Carpe Noctem
7. Lost to the Light
8. The Grand Illusion
9. Invocation
10. Ashes
11. Echoes of the Sun


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FyreSky - The Grand Illusion (Self Released)
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