Album Review: Future Palace – Run (Arising Empire)

German post-hardcore trio Future Palace return with their sophomore album Run, due for release on the 10th of June 2022 via Arising Empire.

One of 2022’s most anticipated albums, the excitement for it has only grown with each single release. Already a rising star, Future Place look to cement their place in the post-hardcore scene and hopefully turn even more heads towards their exciting brand of thought-provoking, melodic heaviness.

Expertly weaving emotive effects with crunchy and chunky hardcore-infused metal, the pairing of Paradise and Dead Inside gets Run off to a banging start. The bite that Future Palace has, ferocious but not skin-tearing, because of the epic vocals. A mix of soaring extravagance and guttural passion.

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Dramatic melody with sweltering heaviness, touches of hip-hop and a modern, stylish rhythm, Flames keeps the heat up. Whereas Locked is one of the more chaotic efforts on the album and Heads Up has rhythmic, head-banging bounce. The halfway point reached with Sleep Tight, a highlight of the album as it has Future Palace getting a bit darker, colder and more melodic, yet still hitting an epic high with the chorus.

Varied throughout but not to the extent that tracks are unrecognisable as Future Palace or that they don’t belong on this album. It’s the unknown that makes each new listen infinitely exciting and the second half of Run as strong as the first. Banger after banger, Defeating Gravity is one of the most anthemic tracks on the album with one of the best vocal performances.

An ardent display of melody and metal makes Roses and Wounds another notably pair of strong listens. Before a phenomenal taste of modern post-hardcore comes along with the infectious A World in Tears. Again, Future Palace showing just why they are enchanting so many around the world with their modern and fresh take on a familiar style.

Two more, two more heavyweight hitters, as Loco Loco ups the energy levels in exciting spates and Fever’s pace runs hot. Ensuring the album goes out in blistering and passionate style.

Exceeding expectations, Run is a statement from Future Palace. They are no ‘flash in the pan’ band, they’re here to dominate.

Future Palace – Run Full Track Listing:

1. Paradise
2. Dead Inside
3. Flames
4. Locked
5. Heads Up
6. Sleep Tight
7. Defeating Gravity
8. Roses
9. Wounds
10. A World in Tears
11. Loco Loco
12. Fever




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Future Palace - Run (Arising Empire)
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