Album Review: Fraxinus – Invocations I (Clobber Records)

A compelling album from one of the UK’s most intriguing new bands, Fraxinus, is soon to be released on Clobber Records. Invocations I is their first offering yet, through semi-improvisational ritualistic black metal fused with noise rock and shamanistic chanting, the band achieve a sound far beyond their existence.

Invocations I will be released on 11th October 2019 via Clobber Records.

While Invocations I is broken down into four parts, it’s really best thought of as one complete piece. One complete ritual of uncomfortable and disconcerting black metal.

This is one of those releases where descriptions can’t really do it justice. On the one hand it’s genius, on the other it’s madness. A baffling level of darkness drips from every pore as Fraxinus challenge in ways that black metal rarely does.

How often does a black metal release deal in fuzzy feedback? The sort that when combined with a background chant sounds positively evil incarnate. That is exactly what comes with I. Following from that horror show into something less mentally obtrusive, II plays a very subtle hand at first. Soft melody and a soft beat, it’s nice. Too nice to last though as the clouds blow over and the rain begins to fall. What was once peaceful is a downpour of noise ripped straight from a nightmare.

However that almost seems tame in comparison to III. The next step in this album’s evolution with a more discernible black metal sound. Albeit one warped by abject horror and delivered like a sermon. It’s down right startling, such is the wickedness of the vocals.

Suddenly and abruptly the chaos comes to an end to be followed by deathly quiet melodies with IV. Unlike the previous segment of melody, this part stays in place for longer and the build is much less heavy-handed. Instead it builds and builds until it’s almost too much to take and all you want is relief from Fraxinus’ devilish ways.

Relax, it’s over. Until you push play again.

Fraxinus – Invocations I Full Track Listing:

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV


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Fraxinus - Invocations I (Clobber Records)
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