Album Review: Fool’s Ghost – Dark Woven Light (Prosthetic Records)

Comprising of Nick Thieneman (Young Widows, Breather Resist) and Amber Thieneman (Liberation Prophecy, Sandpaper Dolls), Fool’s Ghost are a band small in number but vast in scope. Dark Woven Light is their New Year missive, evoking stark landscapes and barren vistas. The ten track album was recorded in 2018, in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky with producer Kevin Ratterman (Emma Ruth Rundle, Jaye Jayle, Jim James) at the helm.

Prosthetic Records will release Dark Woven Light on March 20th 2020.

There’s an emptiness to Fool’s Ghost that is cold and lacking comfort but also saturated with sentiment. It’s the stark barren landscapes of Dark Woven Light that it conjures up that makes it such a haunting listen.

Soft guitar melodies and poignant vocals given a little more oomph thanks to the drums. Regardless, this is still one of the most melancholic albums you’ll hear all year. This is not one for those looking for an energetic listen but rather something that reflects a grey and rainy day hiding under the duvet and blankets.

At least one of the ten tracks will touch the soul, each one as forlorn and despondent as the last. Heavy footsteps, weighed down by the ills of life and the world, Fool’s Ghost are your companion in beautiful misery.

Fool’s Ghost – Dark Woven Light Full Track Listing:

1. Epilogue
2. Golden
3. Touch
4. Fugue
5. Chasing Time
6. Sparked
7. All Hours
8. In Between
9. Shut Away
10. Ghost Heart


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Fool's Ghost - Dark Woven Light (Prosthetic Records)
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