Album Review: FM2000 – Hubba Bubba Rehab (Inverse Records)

Hubba Bubba Rehab, out on October 13th 2017, is the seventh full length album from Finland’s FM2000. Eleven tracks of heavy punk rock! An album built around the theme of femininity.

FM2000 1

With a blast of energy & aggression FM2000 get Hubba Bubba Rehab off to a strong start. Kraka’s different tempos keeps things unsettled with the fire that spews forth from the faster & heavier moments standing out.

The rawness of the punk sensibilities fits well with the harder, more metal moments but Hubba Bubba Rehab also has plenty of melody too. Black-Pepe has a kind-of ska beat to it at first before cracking open a can of heavier riffs. Tissues loses a lot of its rockier impact with a bland sounding chorus before Saona’s catchy rhythm brings the energy back up.

It’s a unusual sounding record, one that seems to suggest that FM2000 are more comfortable with rocky, upbeat riffs & melodies rather than out & out metal. Bull Blood, Mother & Brake ensure the latter half of the album builds on the good work with catchy riffs, deep hooks & enough off-kilter elements to keep everything sounding fresh.

Deer wraps up the album with some groove & melody combining to make a decent finale. The addition of female vocals doesn’t really do much for it though.

Certainly an album that will take a few listens to fully appreciate what FM2000 are showcasing here. An interesting mix of punk rock & metal results in a bit of misshapen listen.

FM2000 2

FM2000 – Hubba Bubba Rehab Full Track Listing:

1. Kraka
2. Trabant
3. Musta-Pepe
4. Tissues
5. Saona
6. Bull Blood
7. Mother
8. Piri-Hanna
9. Brake
10. Nurses
11. Deer

You can order the album here & find out more about FM2000 on their website here. You can also keep up to date with news on Facebook, Instagram & check out some videos on YouTube.

FM2000 - Hubba Bubba Rehab (Inverse Records)
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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