Album Review: Fetid – Steeping Corporeal Mess (20 Buck Spin)

While home to fertile forests, soaring peaks and copious precipitation, the Pacific Northwest lately has also become a breeding ground for something more nefarious, more grotesque, more… Fetid.


Since 2016 Fetid has steadily swelled like a venereal boil upon Death Metal’s infected anatomy. The band’s ‘Sentient Pile Of Amorphous Rot’ demo introduced the mustiest corners of the globe to Fetid’s abhorrent peculiarities. Now, having sliced into the furthest reaches of some unfortunate’s intestinal mucosa they’ve ripped out a ‘Steeping Corporeal Mess’ of festering Death Metal barbarity.

The album will be released on June 7th 2019 via 20 Buck Spin.

What’s interesting about this pile of putrid noise Fetid churn out is that each track is fairly long. Normally death metal of this ferocity and filth-infused is kept short and sharp but that’s not the Fetid way. Instead we have 5 lengthy tracks that are as low and uncomfortable as doom but as angry and guttural as death metal could ever be.

Reeking Within is initially very off-putting as it’s nothing more then horrid noise. However, like sitting in a pile of excrement, you slowly start to get used to it. The details start to come out and there is order found amongst the chaos. It grows and grows like a pus-filled boil, ready to explode at any time.

Pulsating and painful, Cranial Liquescent is just as horrifying. Consumed Periphery takes an even more bludgeoning approach and Dripping Sub-tepidity pushes the pure unfiltered savagery to the limits with a blistering guitar solo buried amongst the depths of the heaviness.

Finally we have the near nine-minute finale of Draped in What Was. An unusual synth intro is unexpected but it doesn’t take too long for Fetid to pour their brutal stink over everything. The boil has had enough and its sticky mess is beginning to ooze giving you much needed relief.


Fetid – Steeping Corporeal Mess Full Track Listing:

1. Reeking Within
2. Cranial Liquescent
3. Consumed Periphery
4. Dripping Sub-tepidity
5. Draped in What Was



The album can be ordered over on Bandcamp and more information found out about Fetid on Facebook.


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Fetid - Steeping Corporeal Mess (20 Buck Spin)
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