Album Review: Faceless Burial – Speciation (Dark Descent Records/Me Saco Un Ojo Records)

Me Saco Un Ojo Records and Dark Descent Records are proud to present Faceless Burial’s highly anticipated second album, Speciation on Vinyl/CD/Cassette and Digital. Out on August 7th 2020.

Surely the most impressive thing about Faceless Burial’s brand of blackened death metal sound is just how drawn out it is. Not in the standard ‘too many tracks’ kind of way but rather how each track just drags you down more and more. It might sound like a negative but it’s not. The six tracks spurting horrifying levels of decay over and over again.

When you have tracks like Limbic Corpsed and the title track coming in at around 7 minutes long each, you know Faceless Burial have to have more than just aggravating death metal up their sleeve. Which they do, of course. Sure, it’s utterly crushing and utterly devastating (the drums alone) but what really stands out is how each track shifts and changes as it goes on. There’s almost a kind of ‘progressive’ side to Faceless Burial without it necessarily being tagged as such.

The album as a whole requires more time than just a cursory listen with snap judgement that it is ‘brutal’. It’s not fair to a band plying such an interesting trade and doing something quite different for such heavily focused music.

If that’s not sold you then simply rest assured that Faceless Burial will also blast your face off. It’s the best of both worlds. Thought-provoking playing and mentally scarring heaviness.

Faceless Burial – Speciation Full Track Listing:

1. Worship
2. Limbic Infirmary
3. Irreparably Corpsed
4. Speciation
5. Spuming Catarrhal Gruel
6. Ravished to the Unknown




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Faceless Burial - Speciation (Dark Descent Records/Me Saco Un Ojo Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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