Album Review: Exmortus – The Sound of Steel (Prosthetic Records)

The Sound of Steel is the new album from thrash/death metal Exmortus. Out June 8th 2018 on Prosthetic Records worldwide except Japan, where it will be overseen by Marquee Inc. It features ten of the most brutalising Exmortus tracks to date.

Exmortus 2

Dripping in old-school thrash vibes but with a lovely, clean and modern production. The Sound of Steel will please both the old and new school crowds. Exmortus make their brand of heavy metal seem so effortless even when moving a hefty pace. The first couple of tracks really show what the band can do.

Make Haste’s blazing hot riffing is as fresh sounding as you’re going to get in 2018, Feast Of Flesh’s growls like a hungry beast and Into the Maw of Hell is a groovy, thumping horn-thrower of a track.

Those first couple of tracks are more then enough to sell you on the quality that Exmortus are expelling with The Sound Of Steel. Not that there is any kind of drop-off as things go on. If lengthy screeching solos are your jam then To the Ends of the Earth is perfect. How about a track designed to get the blood pumping with an old school metal vibe? Strength and Honor will do that thanks to the added ‘Judas Priest’ style vocal screeches.

Or maybe you just want to bang your head as hard as possible? Then listen to The Sound Of Steel from beginning to end and let yourself go!

Exmortus 1

Exmortus – The Sound of Steel Full Track Listing:

1. Make Haste
2. Feast of Flesh
3. Into The Maw of Hell
4. To the Ends of the Earth
5. A Minor Instrumental
6. Strength and Honor
7. Turn The Tide
8. Tempest
9. Riders of Doom
10. Victory or Death!

You can order the album here and keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page. Check out the video for Feast of Flesh below!


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Exmortus - The Sound of Steel (Prosthetic Records)
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