Album Review: Ethereal Void – Gods of a Dead World (Abstrakted Records)

Ethereal Void is a 3-piece death metal band from Ontario. Incorporating grooves and progressive elements, the band creates dark, rhythmic sounds of worship to the void. Their new album, ‘Gods of a Dead World’ is due out on May 26th via Abstrakted Records.

A compact and concise release, Gods of a Dead World comes in at around 26-minutes long and features a number of sharp and savage pieces of music. Kicking off with a frantic showcase of guitar screams and squeals, with the chunky familiarity of death metal heaviness, Overture to Annihilation gets in, smashes stuff up, and gets out.

Leading to The Voiceless, a major step up when it comes to raging speed and snarling ferocity. Albeit, a track that is layered with intriguing progressive elements. Following that highlight, Seeds of Hatred goes harder, with vocals that are downright demonic sounding vocals. Again, the guitars simply soar, and the groove aspects of Ethereal Void are really prominent here.

An easy head-banger, and refreshingly tight, which is not something you expect when the word progressive is used to describe any part of a band’s music. Ethereal Void keeps the energy up with two more strident efforts called The Art of Ruination and Psychosomatic Suicide. There’s a lot of clever layering going on here, with the latter almost symphonic.

Be under no false illusions though, this is a death metal album through and through. Where even a melodic interlude called Decay can’t hide that fact. Especially as, following that, Return to the Void sees Ethereal Void smashing the absolute crap out of their instruments.

All before the penultimate track, The Brown Stone Spire showcases some serrated riffs and the finale of the title track sees the band go bigger and broader than anything heard so far. Not only is it the longest track on the album, it’s the most progressive sounding of all. Almost like everything else before was a tease and this is Ethereal Void fully unleashed.

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Ethereal Void – Gods of a Dead World Track Listing:

1. Overture to Annihilation
2. The Voiceless
3. Seeds of Hatred
4. The Art of Ruination
5. Psychosomatic Suicide
6. Decay (Interlude)
7. Return to the Void
8. The Brown Stone Spire
9. Gods of a Dead World


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Ethereal Void - Gods of a Dead World (Abstrakted Records)
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