Album Review: Ernia – Ernia (Self Released)

Ernia is a five-piece death/grind band formed in Logroño, Spain by a group of weirdo friends with a shared love for fast music and dumb jokes.  With a driving passion to create music that is different, the group has been writing increasingly complex material since 2010. Ernia is now ready to unleash their debut full-length on the world. The thirteen-track self-titled album was originally released back in 2016 but has since been revamped, remixed and remastered for a release on December 7th 2018.

Ernia 2

Leaning towards deathcore with plenty of grind influence, Ernia’s revamped, remixed and remastered album hasn’t been polished to the point of glossiness. Instead the raging rawness is heightened and what we have here is 13 tracks of intense metal noise that could sound like a mess but Ernia hold it all together even when it seems to teeter ever so slightly over the edge.

…but it’s good. Very good in fact. Ernia don’t mess around and for the duration of the album try to rip a hole in the fabric of time with their hyper-aggressive pace. From the moment The Limits of Purity introduce us to the fury and speed, this album leaves a bruise or two. At other times it’s a far more clawing affair such as on Sabbath for the Zionist, Free of Avidya and Heroes of Withdrawal. As the deep groove of the guitars and blasting drums leave everything feeling quite hellish.

Getting excited about deathcore in 2018 isn’t something many can say but with this release Ernia have certainly done enough to turn a few heads their way. After that it’s all about getting the head-banging well and truly under way.

Ernia 1

Ernia – Ernia Full Track Listing:

1. Dionea Muscipula
2. The Limits of Purity
3. Forest Pt. 1 (Blind Willow/Sleeping Woman)
4. Sabbath for the Zionist
5. Free of Avidya
6. Lunatic Lovers
7. Forest Pt. 2 (The Seventh Man)
8. Random Discordant Actions
9. Heroes of Withdrawal
10. Time to Find the Broken Days (Stand By)
11. The Flowers on Our Back
12. Burn the Tail of a Dead Rat
13. The Confirmation of the Absurd



You can order the album now over on Bandcamp and find out more by checking out their Facebook Page.

Ernia - Ernia (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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