Album Review: Employed To Serve – Conquering (Spinefarm Records)

Employed To Serve will release their fourth album, Conquering, via Spinefarm on September 17th, 2021. Conquering, is a fully realised metamorphosis into the band they’ve always wanted to be. Drawing influence from the music of their youth and a new perspective on how to nurture the positive aspects of humanity and individual growth, Conquering is a celebration and acknowledgement of triumph in the face of a world that can be relentlessly adversarial.

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Employed To Serve frontwoman Justine Jones says:

Conquering is about rising above adversity and self-doubt. We’re really excited to share our latest album, I feel it’s our best work to date. We wanted to go a more metal orientated direction with this album and see how far we could push our musical capabilities.

If you can believe it, this is my first time listening to an Employed to Serve album in full. They’re a band I just never crossed paths with for whatever reason. Well, that changes now and am I glad it does.

Conquering is one hell of an album to come in on as its message is one of hope and power but it’s also an extremely vicious listen. The groups brand of metalcore is more unique than the genre often produces making for a constantly appealing experience. More unique because it features more guitar technicality, is weighted towards a hardcore edge and still has a delicious mainstream taste. In that you wouldn’t be surprised to hear the likes of the Exist (this is going to spectacular live), the stompy groove of Sun Up To Sun Down or the fist-pumping defiance of We Don’t Need You on the radio.

Though be under no false impressions, Conquering is brutal all the way through. Employed to Serve are bristling with constant energy. The feral-like nature of the instrumentation shouldn’t sound so refined but Employed to Serve are showcasing a mastery that beggar’s belief. Tracks like Twist the Blade, The Mistake and Set In Stone are just three examples of the spectacular speed and control Employed to Serve have.

Credit where credit is due, Conquering is never boring and I found myself eagerly awaiting the next track. All the way up to the end when I found myself disappointed that it was over. Satisfying? That’s one word that could be used. Another is brilliant and another is important.

Employed to Serve – Conquering Full Track Listing:

1. Universal Chokehold
2. Exist
3. Twist The Blade
4. Sun Up To Sun Down
5. The Mistake
6. We Don’t Need You
7. Set In Stone
8. Mark Of the Grave
9. World Ender
10. Conquering
11. Stand Alone


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Employed To Serve - Conquering (Spinefarm Records)
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