Album Review: Elimination – Echoes Of The Abyss (Self Released)

Elimination have taken the screams of a dying world ravaged by hate and fear and channelled them into 8 tracks of pure, unbridled rage. Their third album ‘Echoes of the Abyss’ is coming on the 29th of October 2021.

It’s been 10 years since the last Elimination full-length but the thrash heavyweights have been killing it since their 2017 reformation. First, with 2019’s incredible ‘Of Gods and Beasts’ EP, the huge single ‘In the Name of Violence’ and live (such as at Bloodstock 2021) when they could.

Echoes of the Abyss continues that trend with 8 slamming, thrashy tracks rooted in a modern sound but serving up some tasty tributes to the classic days.

Kicking off with that thumping and roaring sound of Disciples of the Beast, Elimination make an immediate statement with this head-banger. Fast-paced riffing, fat hooks, overwhelming percussion and antagonistic vocals. The guitar soloing is also quite remarkable, putting it simply this is exactly the kind of head-banger it needed to be.

Faster and more aggressive, the lyrics “run, run for your life” are accurate and could be seen as an instruction for the pit that Black Wings is sure to create in a live environment. This is War then has Shrapnel’s Aarran Tucker pop in to spit absolute fire in a chaotic and commanding thrash effort. Before the midpoint of the album comes with a bang, a loud and Elimination shaped bang, in the form of Price of Insanity.

A killer first half. It’s so good to have Elimination back and happily the second half doesn’t change that feeling. Victims of Design might be short (compared to most of everything else on the album), but it’s packed with all manner of thrashy goodness. As simple as it gets for Elimination but that still puts them a cut above their contemporaries.

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A set of kick-ass guitars and a pounding drum beat playing alongside the emergency alert recorded message builds up anticipation in The Nameless City. Anticipation that is met by hyperactive metal warped by horror themes. An absolute highlight, in part because of how good the guitar soloing is here. A track of the year contender on an album of the year contender.

Hyperbole? Just listen to Blind and Infernal, the last two tracks to have the quality of this album confirmed. Both enormous thrash efforts fuelled by passion and delivered by a band on absolute top form. The latter is really notable for the fact that it passes the 10-minute mark, which you might think would be too much but this is Elimination and they fucking deliver.

Elimination – Echoes of the Abyss Full Track Listing:

1. Disciples of The Beast
2. Black Wings
3. This is War (feat. Aarran Tucker of Shrapnel)
4. Price of Insanity
5. Victim by Design
6. The Nameless City
7. Blind
8. Infernal


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Elimination - Echoes Of The Abyss (Self Released)
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