Album Review: Dyscarnate – With All Their Might (Unique Leader Records)

The new album from UK death metal band, Dyscarnate is 8 tracks of unadulterated fury. With All Their Might is out on September 5th via Unique Leader Records.

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“With All Their Might is the sound of us nailing our colours to the mast in no uncertain terms,” states the band. “We’ve always worked on each new album as it’s own entity, and feel the whole thing needs to flow as one cohesive piece. Every song has its place on the record, but the lyrics and feel of each one reflects a signature theme. We feel that while this record is the most complete thing we’ve ever done, it’s also the most varied, dynamic and evolved we have ever been. We have written this album for no one but ourselves, and as a result feel we have something our fans will really connect to.”

Sometimes you just want an album that you can literally lose your mind too. That’s crushingly heavy & groove-laden but doesn’t over complicate things. Step forward, Dyscarnate.

Holy hell, this is quite something. When you listen to a lot of death metal it can start to get quite difficult to differentiate between bands & styles. It can all start to blend into one another. Well, that’s not a problem for Dyscarnate who’s bludgeoning effort is one of the most intense & memorable death metal releases of the year. For nearly 40 minutes your senses are obliterated.

With a blast of thumping drums, groovy riffs & angst-laden guttural vocals, the abuse gets started in style. Of Mice and Mountains is a ferocious start, followed by the groove-laden This is Fire & the aggressive destructiveness of Iron Strengthens Iron.

If you still need convincing that With All Their Might is anything but a banger then To End All Flesh Before Me should sort that out. Meaty riffs & insanely fast drumming combine to create a death metal track that tears at the soul with all its might.

Dyscarnate are far from done though, they still have plenty of fire left in them. Backbreaker is like having a bucket of ice-cold water poured down your back while All the Devils Are Here follows that up with the actual bucket slammed over your head.

Capping off such an intense & exciting listen with a final blow, Nothing Seems Right makes sure you’re going to remember With All Their Might long afterwards. A fantastic piece of work in a genre where separating yourself is no easy task!

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Dyscarnate – With All Their Might Full Track Listing:

1. Of Mice and Mountains
2. This is Fire
3. Iron Strengthens Iron
4. Traitors in the Palace
5. To End All Flesh Before Me
6. Backbreaker
7. All the Devils Are Here
8. Nothing Seems Right

You can order the new album now via Unique Leader Records here & you can also pick up Dyscarnate music/merch from Bigcartel. Find out more about the band by checking out their website, going to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace & YouTube. You can listen to an earlier album below via Apple Music.

Dyscarnate - With All Their Might (Unique Leader Records)
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