Album Review: Drug Cult – Drug Cult (Ritual Productions)

Drug Cult will release their self-titled album on June 21st on LP, CD & digital download via Ritual Productions. A 9-track vortex of majestic heaviness laced with an evocative psychedelic haze.

Formed at the edge of Mt. Jerusalem in the hills of Mullumbimby, Australia, Drug Cult is the alchemic workings of guitarist Vin Steele (ex. Wolfmother, Megaritual, Sun of Man), vocalist Aasha Tozer, drummer Dale Walker (Megaritual, Sun Of Man) and bassist Maggie Schreiber.

Drug Cult 2

Layered with a dark edge, Drug Cult’s psychedelic sound isn’t what you might expect at first. Serpent Therapy laying down some really doomy riffs alongside ritualistic clean vocals that promise so much if you just give yourself to the void.

Release creates a trippy haze that is all too easy to get lost in while both Reptile Hypnosis and The Wall are sickening in just how bassy they are.

All really solid stuff but as the album does go on it begins to suffer from repetition. Mind Crypt slides by in a slithery way leaving barely an impression, Slaylude has some decent riffs but Bloodstone is just not a very good song.

Happily, though Drug Cult pull it back for the more memorable heaviness of Acid Eye and the surprisingly upbeatness of Spell.

It’s far from perfect but what Drug Cult have here is a seriously dark, doomy and psychedelic album that leaves you feeling that little bit more lucid.

Drug Cult 1

Drug Cult – Drug Cult Full Track Listing:

1. Serpent Therapy
2. Release
3. Reptile Hypnosis
4. The Wall
5. Mind Crypt
6. Slaylude
7. Bloodstone
8. Acid Eye
9. Spell

Find out more/keep up to date with news by checking out Drug Cult’s website, Facebook Page, Instagram and Tumblr. You’ll be able to buy the album via Ritual Productions here.


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Drug Cult - Drug Cult (Ritual Productions)
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