Horror Movie Review: Another Soul (2018)

There are bad horror movies and then there is the film Another Soul. Releasing in 2018, it follows a family of three who are terrorized by a soul hungry demon. That sounds like a rather generic premise doesn’t it? How bad can it really be? Well, calling this the worst horror movie that I have ever seen probably wouldn’t be an understatement.

Without any real introduction, Another Soul begins. Meet Rob & Susan, parents of Meghan. Deciphering their confusing dialogue, I came to the conclusion that Meghan has experienced supernatural happenings in the past. Rob suspects that it might be starting up again. This is after he sees a literal demon crawling along the basement ceiling about 3 minutes into the film. Still, he isn’t convinced so he sets up an elaborate camera system. However, Rob falls asleep while watching and misses all of the demonic goings on.

Later, things continue to get worse. Rob gets talking to a couple from New York who claim to know that Meghan’s soul is in danger. The family find themselves in a battle for Megan’s life, and their own lives as well.

Where can I start with Another Soul? Firstly, some substandard horror movies have one or two lacking aspects. Usually, there is at least something no matter how small that can be enjoyable. However, Another Soul has no redeeming factors. In fact, it might just be the worst horror movie that I have ever seen.

It commits a number of sins but here are some of the biggest. The premise is generic, clichéd and simplistic. I can accept that but Another Soul somehow turns something straightforward into a convoluted mess. It’s hard to follow and makes very little sense. This isn’t helped by the frustrating editing that sees the film bounce from scene to scene with little to no cohesion. The film just starts and throws a bunch of information at you out of nowhere. There isn’t any build up or explanation on how these characters had got to the point they are at. Well, there is but it happens at about 45 minutes into the film.

The performances of the actors in Another Soul are in a word, laughable. It’s so bad it made me question whether it was them or simply the horribly written dialogue. I came to the conclusion that it was a mixture of the two. I got the impression that at times, they were really trying but it just isn’t any good. Rob as a character is downright hilarious. His dumbfounded reaction to certain events had me in stiches on more than one occasion. This man falls asleep while watching cameras on three different occasions in this film. His daughter is in serious danger and there is a demonic presence in the house and he just can’t stay awake, what a guy.

The effects in Another Soul are not only amateurish but the kind of amateurish you’d expect from a student film. Scenes are filmed in darkened settings in an attempt to hide their shortcomings but it only makes you more confused as to what is going on. Also, on more than one occasion it reuses pieces of audio.

I’m only at the tip of iceberg. However, if all of that wasn’t unacceptable enough the film concludes in a seriously abrupt manner. By that point, everything had become such a muddled mess. Thankfully, Another Soul is at the very least mercifully short and yet not short enough all at once.

Overall, Another Soul is a terrible horror movie for all of the reasons that I have written about above. I cannot deny that it gave me some semblance of enjoyment due to the laughter that ensued from how dumb it is.


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Another Soul
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