Album Review: Dreams in Fragments – When Echoes Fade (Self Released)

Swiss dark melodic metal band, Dreams in Fragments might be a relatively new band (founded in 2017) but they’ve been making headway in quick fashion. Following up their well received debut with their sophomore release, When Echoes Fade. Out on April 30th, 2021.

Symphonic metal, bombastic, heavy and led by the powerful, sometime even operetta-like vocals of Seraina Schöpfer. Her voice playing off the gruffly and growling voice of guitarist Chris Geissmann. It’s their voices that gets the attention on the energetic and powerful opener, Hey You. Although the orchestration is what holds it. A very upbeat and exciting start.

With a darker and heavier tone, Nightmare fills the mind with cold visions before Rage and Fire brings the tempo to the boil again. The orchestral elements hitting a very grand high. Both solid efforts but both pale when followed by the synthy gold that is the awesomely energetic By the Sea Forever.

Whereas Bulletproof and To Avalon move with a frantic pace, the riffs and punchy drum beats really making a strong metal statement here. Dreams in Fragments really know how to combine head-banging groove with epic symphonic sounds.

They also know how to keep the energy up. Moving at a fast pace constantly which results in a lot more exciting efforts. Mellow moments and focused singing used to enhance the bursts to great effect on She’s the Fall. Though they do know how to deliver heartfelt melodies too as The Queen’s Crown proves.

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Always about the epic feel overall, no matter what. It’s back to bombastic grandness with the thumping beats and high-powered orchestrations of We Shout Again, The Mind’s Abyss and Showgirl. Before this really strong symphonic metal release ends with the absolute riot that is Own the Night. If that 80s synth doesn’t get you moving, nothing will.

Dreams in Fragments – When Echoes Fade Full Track Listing:

1. Hey You
2. Nightmare
3. Rage and Fire
4. By the Sea Forever
5. Bulletproof
6. To Avalon
7. She’s the Fall
8. The Queen’s Crown
9. We Shout Again
10. The Mind’s Abyss
11. Showgirl
12. Own the Night


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Dreams in Fragments - When Echoes Fade (Self Released)
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