Album Review: Dreams in Fragments – Reflections Of A Nightmare (Rockshots Records)

Featuring musicians from Majesty Of Silence, Rainforce, Proxima, the foursome known as Dreams in Fragments consists of Seraina Schoepfer (lead vocals), Chris Geissmann (guitar, vocals), Jan Thomas (bass) and Franc Fritschi (drums). They hail from the small Swiss town of Wangen bei Olten somewhere between Basel, Berne and Zurich.

Symphonic metallers, they will release their new album ‘Reflections of A Nightmare’ on June 28th 2019 via Rockshots Records.

Dreams 2

Dark and gothic is Everytime, the opening track of symphonic metallers Dreams in Fragments’ new album. It captures the title of the album perfectly, sounding other-worldly while having plenty of metal and melody too.

We then get Nightchild and The Maze. Of the two, it’s the latter that impresses more with some great keyboard use and a coming together of the vocals and guitars. However, there is this little itch at the back of the mind that tells you something is missing. Not just from this track but the album overall.

What is it? Energy.

Now Reflections of A Nightmare has plenty of energetic riffs and heavy groove but with the vocals going for a more operatic style, it often slows things down making the pacing feel off and making a few tracks sound particularly flat.

When Dreams in Fragments do get it right though it can be really awesome. Incomplete is an epic that lights up the soul, Falling With a Crown has a heavier focus with deep guttural vocals playing off the symphonic clean and the air-grabbing/fist-pumping finale of Unireverse.

Dreams 1

Dreams in Fragments – Reflections of A Nightmare Full Track Listing:

1. Everytime
2. Nightchild
3. The Maze
4. Incomplete
5. Prologue
6. Defy every Storm
7. Falling with a Crown
8. Little Red
9. In Flames
10. Unireverse


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Dreams in Fragments - Reflections Of A Nightmare (Rockshots Records)
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