Album Review: Doomed to Fail – Fury (Self Released)

Melodic death metal band, Doomed to Fail hail from Graz in Austria. They will release their debut album ‘Fury’ on January 17th 2020.

Doomed To Fail started as a side project in 2015 as an excuse for the three friends on bass (Jakob) and guitars (Patrick & René) to make music together. They recorded and released an EP with 3 songs in July 2016, but really started growing into a full band after Immanuel joined on vocals, and Alex joined on drums.

Leaning into the heavier side of melodic death metal, Doomed to Fail bring an eye-opening and neck-breaking level of intensity on their debut. Especially as if kicks off with Betrayer, the early rhythm almost thrashy but the riffs giving it some real death metal levity. Then there is the brief melodic drop, peaceful guitars playing out before if erupts for a heavy final assault.

Rise and Servants of the Grey are shorter stabs but certainly aren’t lacking in intensity as the frantic heaviness is turned up another level. The latter of the two really sees the band let the riffs loose.

Introducing a tinge of doom amongst a really listenable rhythm, Once More into the Fray is a wickedly good track. A favourite thanks in part to the continued excellence of the vocals and the powerful efforts of Doomed to Fail’s guitar section.

It’s back to the no-nonsense tempo with Incitement of Extermination where a sexy old-school guitar solo stands out. Before Voices of the Unheard wraps up a thrilling effort from a future melodic metal power house with some of the albums best riffs.

Doomed to Fail – Fury Full Track Listing:

1. Betrayer
2. Rise
3. Servants of the Grey
4. Once More into the Fray
5. Incitement of Extermination
6. Voices of the Unheard


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Doomed to Fail - Fury (Self Released)
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