Album Review: Domination Campaign – A Storm of Steel (Prosthetic Records)

Domination Campaign, the Australian death metal duo, comprised of Psycroptic’s Jason Peppiatt and Joe Haley, return with their sophomore full-length album, A Storm of Steel. Out on January 12th, 2024, via Prosthetic Records.

Thematically based around tales of the real-world tragedy of warfare and conflict, Domination Campaign make their much-anticipated return with a bit of a bang. Coming screaming out of the starting gates with an intense and brutal expulsion of heaviness. Showcasing an inventive combination of devastating riffs and destructive vocals with the garish Time to Die and the frenzy that follows with The Iron Beast.

The word ‘heavy’ doesn’t quite do the opening salvo justice.


Happily, it’s just the starting point for Domination Campaign and they have plenty more emphatic examples of their talent to come. First, there’s the whirlwind of groove and speed that comes from Wind of Death, then there is the rampaging smash and crash of D-Day, before Storm the Lines brings forth a grim and guttural fresh death metal sound. Super satisfying and heavy as hell music.

It’s a succinct listen too, where the lack of filler is notable. Domination Campaign keeping the pressure on with even more enjoyable examples of noisy savagery. Pit of Disease and 141 Days of Terror making the realities of war even more stark and real. Leading to the finale of Death Landing and an imposing level of chunkiness. A finale that also happens to feature a kickass guitar solo too. A big finish to a big album and one that reminds listeners that this duo are one hell of a force in metal.

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Domination Campaign – A Storm of Steel Track Listing:

1. Time To Die
2. The Iron Beast
3. Winds Of Death
4. D-Day
5. Storm The Lines
6. Pit Of Disease
7. 141 Days of Terror
8. Death Landing


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Domination Campaign - A Storm of Steel (Prosthetic Records)
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