Album Review: Diviion – Journey of the Time Shaman (Self Released)

Released on March 1st 2019, Journey of the Time is the new album by progressive UK metal band Diviion.

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It doesn’t take Diviion long at all to let their thrash side loose as the intro of O’er the Jagged Peaks picks up with intensity quickly before leading into the rager that is From Depth. Crunchy heavy riffing, impressive guitar hooks and grimy guttural vocals harks back to the old-school of thrash but with a modern progressive spin on things.

The heavy and fierce thrashiness continues strongly into Sensory Isolation and Quantum Homicide before Moment d’Eternité calms things down with mournful guitar melody. As it picks up near the end it leads perfectly back into the fastest and most severe song so far in the form of the wildness that is Erasure.

It’s all about Supervoid though as Diviion showcase their progressive thrash abilities to the max. Hyper-riffing that keeps you on your toes with an ever changing rhythm. The lengthy but impressive instrumental Journey of the Time Shaman is the penultimate track and sets up the finale of Chronological Warfare perfectly.

The longest track on the album by some distance, it’s also the most expansive as Diviion show just how heavy and fast they can go all while retaining the progressive thrash sound that has made this album such a thrill ride.

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Diviion – Journey of the Time Full Track Listing:

1. O’er the Jagged Peaks
2. From Depth
3. Sensory Isolation
4. Quantum Homicide
5. Moment d’Eternité
6. Erasure
7. The Inward Spiral of Existential Futility
8. Supervoid
9. Journey of the Time Shaman
10. Chronological Warfare




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Diviion - Journey of the Time Shaman (Self Released)
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